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Finished off the rear axle


 So I am finally there on the rear axle. All finished and back on her wheels.

There were a few "cosmetic" items to sort. 

First was the air feed for the ARB locker. The old feed had been damaged when the axle parted company from the car in 2011 (see It all goes wrong).

I had previously fitted the new parts for the feed to the diff (see  Fitting the rear wheel bearings)

The remainder of the feed kit consisted of bushes and pipe connectors to attach the pipe to the port on the diff case. 

Of course it could not be a "BigJimny" without the fitting of the BigJimny Axle breather kit. For the axles this involves prising off the little breather cap and discarding it. Then, using the Tap that is supplied in the kit, create a thread in the breather pipe on the diff case and then screwing in the fitting.

 In addition, in the re-welding of the axle mounts some of the brake pipe mounting points were lost. As I am also running rear disk brakes I have flexible pipes across the whole axle so I had to use some quality rubber lined stainless steel P-Clips to secure the pipe. Again this involved drilling and tapping mounting points on the axle.

I picked a suitable point, drilled a hole and ran a 6mm tap into it. Then fitted a 6mm bolt and P-Clip. I repeated this in a number of places across the axle.

 Finally for the axle I fitted a new Drain Plug, filled it to the correct level with the correct oil and fitted a new Filler Plug and Gasket from the BigJimny store.

 And here she is, sitting on her own wheels and axles once more. Now on to fit the new springs to the front.

New tyres
Corrected Rear Arms

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