Breather Kit

Breather Kit
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This is a breather kit for the Jimny Differentials and Transfer Box/Gearbox (via add on option).


This kit comes in different forms.

The basic kit is the AXLE breather kit, this does the front and rear differential, this kit can be fitted with the axles on the vehicle.

(I fitted the axle kit and then added in the Transfer Box and Gearbox breathers later when I was doing planned work on the boxes, this kit can be added to the Axle kit whilst the axle kit is already fitted to the car)

This is a properly fitted kit as it uses unions that are threaded and tapped into the axles and transmission cases, this is not a "hosepipe" push fit (and fall off!) kit.


1. Tapping a thread into the axles and transmission cases will generate a small amount of swarf so an oil change is recommeded at the same time.

2. Ensure the threads are fully and cleanly tapped as the threads on the unions will be damaged otherwise.

Please note that a variety of kits are available and you should select them from the drop-down list

You can start with the basic kit and then buy the add-on kit at a later date, or you can buy the full advance kit straight away.

The kits also have the option of adding in the special Tap tool required to hold the taps whilst they are cutting the thread, this is an option in case you already have a suitable tool for holding a tap up to 1/2" shank.

Basic Axle Kit contents:

  • Rear Axle Union
  • Front Axle Union
  • Y Connector for Front Axle
  • 6mm Breather pipe (currently shipping Yellow colour only)
  • Thread Tap - Axle breather
  • Cable Ties
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