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Differential Failure


​Very shortly after we drove away from the 2019 BigJimny meet, I heard a very loud bang from somewhere underneath BigJimny. I pulled over and could not see anything, the Jimny still had drive but was giving out a knocking noise.

I suspected the CV joints as they have been clicking for a long time, however I found that the noise was coming from the rear diff (see video below, you can hear the knocking noise if you ignore the disc scraping noise)

 Dismantling the differential revealed extensive damage.

​As you can see below, this diff has an ARB RD208 locker in it which has suffered damage but as I like the locker it has to be rebuilt.

And in the bottom of the Diff pan was a selection of bolts! 

​Looking on the rear of the Diff showed the bolts missing from the ring carrier :(    It was build over 10 years ago by the previous own so perhaps they had skimped on the thread locker?

So its time to rebuild the diff. Fortunately I managed to locate a spare diff to keep me on the road whilst rebuilding this one.

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