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08/11/07 - Oxley's Shaw

So the beginning of November saw the second outing of the Jimny, this time to Oxley's Shaw. This site is a small wooded site just to the west of Reading. The event was part of the the normal monthly calendar of events that TV4x4 operate but with the addition of fund raising for the BBC Children in Need appeal.

The site has developed over the past few years with a number of man-made hazards that have become increasingly difficult as the sandy soil gets churned by successive vehicles.

The event was a "Punch Challenge" that meant participants had to collect punches hidden around the site. Being a charity event the punches were particularly difficult to get to in order to raise "penalty" money for the charity.

The Jimny performed well and I am getting used to the slightly different driving technique compared to the SJ. Although the Jimny is fitted with a special Low Ratio Jimny Gearset in the standard Jimny Transfer Box,  I was used to the even lower gearing of the RockLobster SJ. However once I had a play on the slopes of the Oxley's Shaw bombhole I am now more confident in the gearing. It runs downhill faster that the SJ and more use of the brakes is required on delicate downhill work (which goes against the general recommendation to keep your feet off the pedals in a 4x4 on a slope) but it is certainly liveable with.

I am also getting used to the rear difflock. Compared to a normal unlocked vehicle the Jimny will push on through terrain in a much stronger fashion, you can feel the push from the rear wheels at very low revs. This means two things - you are less likely to get stuck in mild conditions but....... you are likely to be overconfident in extreme conditions with the locker pushing you forward into a really stuck position!. Also on hill climbs, if the climb starts to fail, both rear wheels will happily spin when the diff is locked. This then means the rear of the vehicle snakes from side to side and can be quite alarming, particularly if you are starting to roll or slide backwards.

Anyway a great day was had by all, here are the pictures of my Jimny in action.




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