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2/6/08 - More drive train issues

Well following my day out and the June 2008 TV4x4 event at Avon Dassett a few more problems raised their ugly heads. We had a good days driving but it is a long haul back on the motorway for such a small, modified vehicle and it really took its toll.

1. Clutch - the clutch pedal is almost impossible to press. I suspect the release bearing is clogged with mud and is not sliding smoothly on the shaft - so its really looking like the clutch will have to come out as it has shown signs of slipping recently anyway.

2. Brakes - lots of grinding noises from the brakes - I suspect both Pads and Shoes need changing (again!)

3. Oil leaks......

This looks like its the other wheel bearing as it is unlikely that just the oil seal has gone - so possibly time to change another bearing.

And this looks like the Transfer Box Front Oil Seal, but perhaps not? I noticed on the return journey a lot of vibration from the gearstick but not from the transfer stick. I guess that I might have broken a gearbox mount and the gearbox is shaking, which shakes the input shaft to the transfer box and caused the oil seal to leak?


Anyway, I have jetwashed off the car and will crawl underneath to investigate.




08/06/08 - Rons' Jimny
Winch Problems!

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