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12/01/10 - More bearings!!

We went out to the TV4x4 monthly off-raod event at Oxley's Shaw in December (see the pictures HERE)

On the way back the steering began to shake violently. I have had steering issues before, particularly when bearings have worn out, but nothing quite as violent as this.

I put the Jimny away and teh cold and snow has kept me from looking at it. Apart from a few local trips iin the snow to rescue other vehicles it has not been out since.

I managed to look at it tonight and I think it looks like one of the passenger side track rod ends is on its last legs along with a bearing on the drivers side. I can't work out when I last changed the drivers side front wheel bearing but it looks like it has gone again (I only replaced the Kingpin bearings on that side in November)

 So I have ordered a very expensive replacement track rod end from Camskill and will have to start work.



27/01/10 - Expensive mistake!
08/01/10 - Ezz's Jimny - UPDATED

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