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SJ Rebuild

From Jimny to Willys Jeep - Part 1


Sick and tired of your Jimny being called a Jeep?  If so then why not make it a Jeep! George Atkins has kindly sent in pictures of his build in progress........

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Another SJ Build - Sam's Yellow SJ - Back on track

A while ago I posted some pictures of Sam Emery's SJ rebuild, unfortunately at the crucial moment the Welder he had lined up to do the welding was no longer able to do it.  Therefore there has been a very long wait until the next update.

However, he has now found another welder and more progress is being made. 

I am sure from following James' Lil Red SJ rebuild that you will recognise exactly the same issues and repairs being done to this SJ.

The rear wings needed replacing.

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Lil Red - SJ restoration - Final Paint - Part 1


This week we reached the final stage of the build at Winchfield. The SJ went into final paint.

This is a long post so scroll on down!!

In order to do this the main panels had to be finally fitted. In this procss it was noticed that the front cross members did not fit properly into the new wings. Again this was due to the poor manufacturing quality of the wings.

As you can see the alignment is poor.

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Lil Red - SJ restoration - Fettling and Paint


When checking the panel alignment, Winchfield Engineering noticed a slight dent in the sill that we had not seen, On our model of SJ this part is normally covered by a black rubber strip so it seems likely that the sill had gently contacted something and got bent but it was hidden behind the rubber,

Therefore they had to pull the dent out and remove it.

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Lil Red - SJ restoration - Panels back together


A lot of progress this week so there are lots of pictures to look at.

This is the week the panels really get fitted. Up to now it has been trial fitting, alignment and then tacking to hold them in position. Now we are on to "final fit".

First, at the rear, the fuel filler is fitted. This has to be braised into position rather than traditional welding. This is the same as they do in the factory.

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