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New front out-riggers


​Following the addition of the new tyres we have rubbing issues on full steering lock. One of the causes is the stupid design of the Suzuki chassis outriggers that hold the front body mounts.

As you can see the standard design consists of a pair of large hoops. These stick out a long way. So it was off to my local friendly welder Redmetal Fabrication for Jay to work some of his magic.

The pictures below show how it was before the work. One of the hoops has been bent by an attempted recovery in the past (not me!). The end picture shows the mount after Jay cut it off.

​The outriggers were made of box section cut to fit at an angle and, on the drivers side, drilled to provide access to the power steering mounting bolts.

A great piece of professional work and it has fixed the rubbing on the outriggers.

New Jimny from New Zealand
Day 9 - 2nd Sep - Monte Carlo

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