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A quick test


Having got the new tyres on the rims I could not resist a quick test. I still need to change the suspension on the front of the Jimny so it still looks a little wonky, 

The rear suspension is complete so the wheels can go on and stay on. There looks to be sufficient clearance based on the cutting that was done for the previous tyres. I might have to watch the spacing at the front end of the arch although the wheel tends to tuck in under compression. 

​At the front I still have my saggy springs. I also have fitted a new front wing which has not been trimmed so at the moment there is nowhere near enough clearance, but it gives me an idea of how she will look.

 And within the confines of my garage, the best full side views I can get.

Looking along the side, the tyres appear to fit within the confines of the wheel arches so I might not need any extensions but I am still considering going for some ABS Defender style arches. It also looks as if the rear wheels are not in line with the fronts so I might have to play with the panhard rod adjustments, but I will only do this after allowing the whole lot to settle. 

 And finally a look at the new springs. With the rears, the old springs and new springs were the same length. Given the level of sag at the front I was expecting the old springs to be shorter than the new, but the reverse is true. These are both 3" lift springs. The blue one is a KAP 3" spring and the orange is a new Trailmaster spring. The key differences are the KAP spring is 11mm wire and the Trailmaster is 13mm wire, plus the Trailmaster has an extra turn. I can compress the KAP one some distance by hand whilst the Trailmaster cannot be hand compressed. Anyway as part of the rebuild I will be looking at how the new springs sit and will report further.

More goodies arrive!
New tyres

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