Lances Jimny


Lance Muir has sent in a couple of pictures of his Jimny. If you want your Jimny featured then email me your pictures. Lance tours south Africa as bird photographer and his jimny pulls a small camper trailer where ever he goes,extras are steel bumper, roof rack otherwise standard.

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Rear wheel bearings


So a miracle occurred and I did some more work on my Jimny today. First of all I repaired the ARB air locker tube that had been damaged. The threads had been pulled out in the brass mounting so I had purchased a repair kit and refitted the fitting. 

You can see the original damage in this article - and the photos below show the new parts alongside the old.

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Gabor's Jimny


​Gabor has sent in some pictures of his Jimny for the Gallery

You can see selection of members cars in the Gallery. If you want your car featured then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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BigJimny WIKI

BigJimny WIKI

​BigJimny is changing. Thanks to an idea from Chris Rowson (Leftcase), BigJimny now has a Wiki. A Wiki is a source of information supplied and maintained by users i.e. you! Previously people had suggested that whilst there was lots of information on this site, it was hard to find and the built in search tools were less than perfect. Chris suggested...

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Kingpin Bearings - The Video

Kingpin Bearings - The Video

As my "How-to" guide is really out of date, I decided to create a video of this last weekends Kingpin bearing change on "LittleJimny" before it goes off to its new owner. This is the way, whether you like it or not, that I change the Kingpin bearings....

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