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DIY softop hood clip repair.

12 Jan 2013 14:43 #57807

I can`t stand the thought of keep buying hood clips for my Jimnybob every 6 months when they break.

Bit of a thunk and a trip to B+Q bought me a pack of 10 nail in pipe clips for £2.

I bought 8mm and 10mm so I could see which ones worked the best, this trial version is a 10mm one.

I looked at the cable clips too, but they weren`t as fully rounded as the pipe clips.

Step one : Cut off the broken clip remains.

Step two : File the mating surface flat.

Step three : Drill the centre hole through in the rear of the clip.

Step four : Screw your 10mm pipe clip on from behind with a self tapper.

I also opened out the centre hole slightly and countersunk it so my screw sat inside nicely.

Pictures paint a thousand words :)

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Black Jimny best colour.

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12 Jan 2013 16:11 #57815

You best get a patent on that asap ............ nice one Barny ............. ;)

I've just found what I was looking for, it was where I left it ...

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