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Complex board light is my Jimny

07 Dec 2008 16:57 #302 by zerez
The complex board bulb in my 2002 Jimny was broken.
I looked in car and the manual for instruction how to replace the bulb and couldn't find anything out of disassembling the dashboard.

Does disassembling the dashboard make sense for replacing a small bulb? B)


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07 Dec 2008 19:05 - 07 Dec 2008 19:08 #303 by mlines

I am not sure what you mean by "Complex Board Light" - I guess something got lost in translation. If you are referring to the circuit board lights which are behind the speedometer/tachometer unit then I am afraid its yes - you do have to remove the unit.

I have not done this so cannot offer advice through experience. All I can tell you is the workshop manual procedure.

1. Loosen the steering column bolts - this involves removing the plastic panel below the steering wheel. I guess that this is to allow the steering wheel to drop down. As the steering has an Air-Bag you should disconnect the battery and pull out the Air Bag fuses.

2. Remove the two screws up inside the top of the speedo meter unit. Pull the outer speedo cover off.

3. Undo the four screws around the meter unit and draw it forward - disconnecting the connectors on the rear of the unit as you do it.

I Hope this helps



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08 Dec 2008 14:35 #304 by zerez
I ment to the spidometer light and hope to avoid disassembling the dashboard.

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