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Roof tent

  • Lambert
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22 Aug 2020 12:51 #227168 by Lambert
Replied by Lambert on topic Roof tent
I doubt that the courts or insurance would see it that way.

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One of the last 200ish of the gen3s, probably.
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  • CC Baxter
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22 Aug 2020 13:07 #227170 by CC Baxter
Replied by CC Baxter on topic Roof tent
I have a mental picture of a roof tent wizzing down the road on a set of plastic skates (without the grace of Torvill & Dean). It's almost comical. I hadn't noticed that our Gen3 had plastic roof rails until this forum told me, I now load the roof accordingly. Chris

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22 Aug 2020 13:19 #227171 by Busta
Replied by Busta on topic Roof tent

Keithy wrote: Not really a debate....there is no limit on the roof.....just the plastic and al trim suzuki calls roof bars......30kg is pushing it on those.

We live in a controlling world.....I carry what I like on my roof and drive accordingly.........No strawman needed.

Unfortunately that's not true Keith.


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22 Aug 2020 18:00 #227174 by Roger Fairclough
Replied by Roger Fairclough on topic Roof tent
Do you tell your insurance company?


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  • AlexK
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24 Aug 2020 08:46 #227260 by AlexK
Replied by AlexK on topic Roof tent
Haven't logged-in here for a while, amazing that this topic is still raging. Perhaps it always will be.

Last year, I asked my contacts at Suzuki to get a definitive answer to this thorny issue, making it clear that people weren't interested in the rating of the bars, but the maximum roof load itself, and that nothing less than an answer from the engineers in Japan will do. The answer that came back couldn't have been clearer - the maximum roof load, no matter how it's attached, is 30kg.

Like I said at the time when I posted this, you're welcome to dismiss it if you want - it's your Jimny, you do what you want with it. But we shouldn't kid ourselves, the people who designed and built it state that the limit is 30kg. Should they have put that limit in the owner's manual? It would certainly have made our lives a lot easier. Perhaps if Jimny gets revised as an N1 commercial, they'll have to do just that.

Stability and liability issues aside, I personally believe it's more the lack of a load-bearing mount structure. Vehicles with a decent roof carrying capacity have rails or mounting points integrated into a sub-structure that is capable of transferring loads appropriately and uses a secure attachment mechanism. The new Defender, for example, has a 300kg static roof load, and I've seen the structure that makes that possible - it's substantial. On the Jimny, whatever the roof bars are made from, they are simply clamping on to a thin metal rain gutter that clearly isn't designed to be load-bearing.

Now, you guys are all quite welcome to dismiss this. I'm just trying to impart information. Before Covid struck, that used to be my job.

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24 Aug 2020 17:01 - 24 Aug 2020 17:12 #227298 by Scimike
Replied by Scimike on topic Roof tent
Ok I've done some investigation into roof tents and can confirm the following:-
Easy to pitch
The Jimny did not fall over
Roof easily coped with tent, toilet, occupant(s) and newspaper of choice

Fuel consumption suffers
It's a big climb if you are in a rush
If it did fall over no one would want to help you.

Can't see the problem myself.

I have a piece of paper from Suzuki that is strong and quilted that says it's all ok.:laugh:

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Last edit: 24 Aug 2020 17:12 by Scimike.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Busta, Soeley

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06 Sep 2020 00:26 #227803 by Keithy
Replied by Keithy on topic Roof tent
Michelle or Natalie won't like this Busta lol 4" lift and 31" tyres....ARB gone

Loaded by forktruck and tbh it didn't seem so heavy until I had to lift it off by hand!

Passed it to my big brother....well slid it over the edge really and he lifted it to the ground......it's great having a bigger brother :D

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07 Sep 2020 18:22 #227887 by Busta
Replied by Busta on topic Roof tent
I strongly suspect that they wouldn't be in the least bit interested.

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