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Dave's "S200KYS" Jimny 'laner Build...

27 Jun 2014 15:21 #118778 by maverick
How hard is it going to be to get the Hi-Lift out - isn't your drivers seat in the way?

I seem to recall that your drivers seat doesnt move forwards/backwards?

Just thinking, thats all . :(

Jalapeño, IISY?
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27 Jun 2014 15:56 - 27 Jun 2014 16:02 #118780 by Bits4Vits
Dead easy as it unbolts at the top with a wingnut behind the passenger seat that tilts and slides (my bucket seat is on the original seat rails so it slides, but doesn't tilt) and then just lifts off the base... will show you Sunday ;)

There's more photos on the blog on my site that will give you a betterer view... Wll link them in later, on the iPad in the PO.
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27 Jun 2014 16:35 - 27 Jun 2014 16:36 #118781 by Bits4Vits
Got rid of the postie!

Here you go -

Stainless wingnut top right just behind the tilt'n'slide passenger seat...

Then pull top of Hi-Lift out a few inches and just lift off the base with the 3 locating pegs -

30 seconds and it's out ready for use...

... same going back in...

It was too long to get anywhere in the back!

I've got a rubber bush under the wingnut to stop that end rattling, and the base is getting a 5mm sheet of rubber under the 3 pegs to stop that rattling too...
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02 Jul 2014 14:35 #119181 by Bits4Vits
Missed working on the Jimny on Sunday as we were out greenlaning ... again! B)

But back to it today for a bit...

Intermediary prop came by courier from Redacted (thanks Rich!) as the one I had was wrong... so lined it up and found it needed a bit of a spacer...

That's better!

Then the front and rear props -

Then out for a test drive, after going round checking everything was safe...

In fifth at 3,750rpm on the flat gives 60mph... ideal!... and the speedo is dead on against my iPad GPS Speedo App. This is with 235/75/15s with a Redacted Rocklobster box, and a 27 toothed speedo ring.

Then went to do some flex testing to make sure nothing rubbed...

Looks fine! No arch trimming needed it would appear?... this is with ORA radius arms that must position the wheels (axles) back into the middle of the arches perfectly... with 3" JimnyBits spring lift, and 235/75/15 tyres...

ARB Lockright and Compressor hopefully on Sunday...

Meanwhile it's in the tyre bay at the moment having the wheels and tyres balanced... then next door to the garage for them to, errrr, yes... ummm... fit my extended braided brake lines on... I don't do brakes! :blush: :woohoo:
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02 Jul 2014 15:52 #119186 by gaz3359
Bet it feels good to give it a test run after all the work you have done so far. Looking good !
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02 Jul 2014 16:43 #119188 by Bits4Vits

Bet it feels good to give it a test run after all the work you have done so far. Looking good !

Thanks Gaz, yes, good to be out driving it, albeit on the tarmac for now... more looking forward to trying it offroad... July the 20th in the Lake District!
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  • funkyjimny
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  • 2004 jimny soft top, factory hardtop, ARB bumper
02 Jul 2014 18:07 #119202 by funkyjimny
Lucky with the tyres Dave, maybe because you don't have much offset on those rims ?

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02 Jul 2014 19:04 - 03 Jul 2014 08:24 #119212 by Bits4Vits
Luck?! :P

"Planning" you mean?!

We discussed the ultimate tyre and gearing combination at great length on this very forum somewhere...? ;)

It was my quest for good on-road gearing and not too much fitting hassle that lead me to 235/75/15s...

That and the fact I already had them on the Zukhini Vitara, for the same reasonings... B)

Well chuffed!
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  • Jimny_Aus
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02 Jul 2014 22:56 #119237 by Jimny_Aus
Replied by Jimny_Aus on topic Dave's (Bits4Vits) Jimny 'laner Build...
not a huge fan of the wheels, but looks like you've built yourself a strong jimny,,,, some nice suspensions under it too.. :cheer: :cheer:
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03 Jul 2014 06:13 #119238 by j999pre
It's had a lot of thought put into it. A nice job Dave.

Gold Jimny the best colour (sold) :(

Big red Jimny 32" tyres, arbs, cage 5:1 transfer etc. (Sold)

Grey pick up Jimny
Turbo m13a, arbs, floating rear shafts, disc conversion rear, vented front conversion. 245 70 16. Winch, 3" lift, 4:16 trans hd shafts and CVS
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03 Jul 2014 06:54 #119239 by Bits4Vits
Thanks guys ;)

As above, the wheels and tyres came off my previous vehicle as the tyre size suited this new build... the wheels are old strong alloys off a Vitara, and are the right offset as mate Gary said above... and they're silver so match the theme and original panelling on the bottom of the vehicle... An ORA rear bumper and sill protection bars are on their way, bare steel again so that I can get them powdercoated in Silky Silver locally to get a reasonably close match... So the wheels will have to do ;)

Thanks James (j999pre), yes, thought about ths build a lot, before and during... this is to be my last project so I want it 'right', visually and mechanically... after this build I plan to 'lane one Sunday a month, maintain another Sunday a month, and... spend the other two Sundays relaxing and spending time with the family, dogs, DIY, etc, etc... Slow down a bit, now I'm the ripe old age of 46! :ohmy:
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  • Flameboi201
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03 Jul 2014 18:39 #119255 by Flameboi201
Replied by Flameboi201 on topic Dave's (Bits4Vits) Jimny 'laner Build...
Looks grate mate . Proper job :-)
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