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25/8/08 - Changing the Front Wheel Bearings

So following on from the KingPin bearings I have moved onto the wheel bearings. Again I have prepared a "How to" guide with the full details of the change so there is only an overview here!

The problem with the front wheel bearings is that they are hidden behind a special lock nut.....

The special locknut:


This lock nut requires a special "key" in the form of a special socket which is available for the very special price of £61 from Suzuki UK. If you want one for yourself its part number 09944-77020. However the really good news is that Dave at Bits4Vits has them under production and available to purchase soon for less - these are now available in the BigJimny Shop.

The Suzuki part:

The picture below shows the tool ready to go:

The other issue is the removal and replacement of the bearing itself. The Suzuki manual says you can only press it in (or out) and many people on the Internet agree that this is very hard. However, I found it to be very straight forward - perhaps I was lucky.

I managed to drive the old bearing out using a steel pin. I used the brake disc to give me room to allow the bearing to be driven out. The picture below shows the bearing being driven out.

Putting the new bearing back in was also straight forward. I coated the new bearing in Copper Grease and put it in the freezer overnight. I heated the hub in the oven for 30 minutes at 180 degrees.

Then, very quickly, I took the cold bearing and tapped it into the hot hub - it went in with two gentle taps.

Rather than provide the full story here I have created a guide that can be printed out and followed, it has lots of pictures to help.





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