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28/01/11 - Miguel's Jimny (UPDATED)

Miguels JimnyMiguel (living in Ireland but from Portugal!) has sent in pictures and details of his modifications to his Jimny. Many thanks for the great write up!

Here is my Jimny got it from a garage around 6 months ago. I few things I did to it andI will be updating as I can :).

The specification is...

  • Suzuki Jimny 2001 1.3 Petrol

  • KAP

    • 3" Spring Lift
    • ProComp 3000 Shockers
    • Extended braided brake Lines
    • Adjustable Heavy duty Panhard Rods
  • Tyres

    • General Grabber AT2
    • 215/75 R15
  • JimnyBits

    • Castor correction Bushes

    • TJM Snorkle (new)
    • Rear Shock Relocation Brackets (New)
  • Off Road Armory

    • Differential Guards (New)
  • Home Made

    • Transfer Box Protection(New)
    • Rock Sliders
  • Ebay

    • 32mm Spacers

  • Image 1 - Before Start

    Image 2 - A lot of work in the horizon. :)

    Image 3 - Rear Springs and Shockers Fitted

    Image 4 - Rear was cantered and new Panhard adjusted - Panhard from KAP, they don't came with the bushes, you need to by them or reuse you old ones if you can remove them intact.

    Image 5 - I don't now about other, but we add to grind the bushes a bit or they would not fit.

    Image 6 - Rear was completed already looking better :)

    Image 7 - I was told to remove the spring that adjust the brake balance on the rear axle. Wondering what others did for a second opinion.

    Image 8 - Now, to the front. By the way all springs were fitted manually now need for special tools.


    Image 9 - Remove and replacing the brake lines. Suspension was already in.

    Image 10 - Brake lines again.

    Image 11 - Castor correction bushes installed. looks a bit weird but is just the angle of the image... they were in the correct position. we needed more then 5 tones from the hydraulic  press to remove the old ones

    Image 12 - Just one more for the record

    Image 13 - Compare Front Springs Size

    Image 14 - Compare Rear Springs Size

    Image 15 - Compare both shockers fully exetended

    Image 16 - Old Stuff

    Image 17 - Almost ready, waiting for tyres :)

    Image 18 - New tyres installed - Ready to go for now :)  

    Image 19 - New tyres installed - Ready to go for now :)  

    Image 20 - New tyres installed - Ready to go for now :) 
    Image 21 - New tyres installed - Ready to go for now :)  

    Image 22 - New tyres installed - Ready to go for now :)  

    Image 23 - New tyres installed - Ready to go for now :)  


Adding the Snorkle

Removed the battery and air filter box

Wheel arch removed and template fixed in place with some masking tape

This was the most scary moment I ended up perfect. I drilles a 32mm hole (because I could not find a 31mm hole saw). It worked fine for me.

Holes finished

I did some paint work. Just got tow paint cans, 1 primer and 1 sliver, just to keep the rust away as much as possible.

Job almost done

Transfer Case Protection

This is my transfer case protection. Home made but was slightly changed before the installation as I wasn't happy with some bits.

After some changes here and there I ended up with this.

Just a small lip for the exhaust

Differential Guards

Rock Slider

I have to get nicer pictures of the Rock Slider...will try the next time I am in the workshop

If you want to feature your Jimny on this website send some pictures and information to Martin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) in any layout/format and I will add it to the site


03/02/11 - Rear Panhard Rod
26/01/11 - More Jimnys Laning
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