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06/02/10 - Brians Jimny

Brian has sent in details of his ongoing Jimny build which I have copied across to here from the forum.


Hi guys I am new to the Jimny however I have had a number of off road toys over the years yotas, sj's, built a buggy and even a v8 bob rangie for my sins.{everyone should own at least one v8  :)

This wee thing is only a weekend toy not my daily driver so my mods all have an offroad bias. The road trip motor is a 3rd gen Hilux Surf

So here she is and progress so far. I will probably ask daft question as Jimny's are new to me but will try and search forum first. Promise  ;)

This might be a bit confusing as this is the build thread over a number of weeks copied from my forum. Hope you like where its going

So here she is. Almost a shame to off road it. { almost Smile}
2000 on a W plate good history 58k mile.

Some good bling removed and sold on eblag, can you believe the chrome grille set went for near £50 Wink All told I have got £250 from parts I wont use so far. { anyone need a rear bumper?? } {now sold, another £80 into the fund}

This is the kit  going on the jimny. +3" springs with es1000s to match. Went for the oil filled due to the finish weight of the toy truck.

Also picked these up and have made a start on doing them in matt black.
Bronco Diamond Backs.

Quick introduction to the wire brush, and mash hammer to reshape the rims

Starting to get some clearance now. New longer braided brake lines on order.

Anyway hope to take delivery of winch bumper this week and make a start on fabing a rear bumper. Will update as I go.

Well as promised Rob from off road armoury got the bumper to me today.

Fitting however is not a 5min job.
You will need two people {bloody heavy bumper}, One mig welder, A grinder and cutting wheels.
The front factory outriggers have to be cut off all the way back to the main crossmember.

Alan giving it the message {he loves that grinder}

Drivers side mounting plate needs trimmed like this

Because in standard trim it fouls the steering and won't slide far enough back

Now you have to put shims in the chassis legs to move the mounts supplied into the centre a little. This will save you the 30min we spent trial fitting again and again.
This pic shows the shim and mount about to be tacked in place by my skillful hand Laughing

Mounts in correct place and ready to be welded, note the shim on the outside of the mount in the chassis leg this is needed on both mounts.

Welded and painted this is how close the mount should be to the lights. If it's not then the chassis outrigger is not trimed enough.

On and looking as I wanted.

All that is need to finish this off is an Apache sticker or two.

Thanks to my brother Alan for his help today quality as always mate
A bit dark when I finished sorry, it's going for it's first outting tomorrow so maybe better pics then.

Next step is fitting the winch it's on order so will probably be next sundays project.

Wander lead plug moved from the winch to under the steering wheel and all the soleinod bridges sealed up.

Winch sits well inside the bumper with the bridge laid back towards the Rad, nice low profile.
Apache thanks for the number plate sticker mate.

So rear bumper next, this will be a home made affair and will be made in stages. Need to get enough of it on to mount indicators for our Day at Glentarkie on the 12th.Made a start on my bumper after work today.

Got some 3mm bent up at a local engineer's and Pete gave me a large sheet of 14 gauge to make my end sections {thanks mate}

So made some box to fit inside the chassis

Then welded some nuts in place that will slide inside the chassis only one in each tonight as I don't have the shorter ones I need for further inside the chassis yet.

Fit in chassis like so

So stage one finished the indicators and brake lights will be fitted this week.
Then the difficult bit, making the side sections to in fill below and round the lights.

Well first spare time in weeks, it was -6 and the telly was rotten. So I decided to get some temp lights fitted so I could get to the annual SMC Christmas run this Sunday.
I cut and shaped the ends fitted the second bolt each side and temp mounted the lights so I take them off when I get to the site.

All the lights will be in the top cluster when finished reverse lights will be indicators fogs will double as tail and brake, reverse, fog and number plate lights will all be on back door with square plate surf style.

The bumper will have side sections when finished to box in under the lights and around to meet the arches.

Roll on Sunday

Finished it off today. It's supposed to be similar to the off road armoury bumper as I wanted it to be a match for my front winch bumper.

A fair bit of weld, which is never an issue going on, but a pain when you are have to dress it all.

So fit the tow points and a lick of paint and it's another wee job ticked off.

Finished and "Swivel Shackles" fitted. However, the painting has been a nightmare in the cold temps so once weather warms a little, or I can lay my hands on  gas heater. I will flaten it and paint properly.

Decided to fit a bikini fastback soft top. Yes I know it needs a wash but most outside taps have been frozen for last 6 weeks here.  Surprised
{anyone want to buy a soft top}  :-bd
It's on, what do you think? try and ignore the big ugly helper. {brothers eh}

07/02/10 - Oxley's Shaw
06/02/10 - Clinton's Jimny - UPDATED
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