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A few more tweaks


When I started her up for the first time, I noticed a couple of problems. The first was the engine management light (EML) on whilst the second was a stream of water and clouds of steam from the exhaust. 

​My code reader showed P0135 which is the heater circuit on the top O2 (lambda) sensor. I therefore swapped the sensor out for a new one. 

The sensor connector is clipped behind the cylinder head, right at the rear. I found it simplest to cut the cable tie style strap off the clip to remove the cable. 

The connector is not easy to pull apart as a small tag inside needs lifting at the same time as pulling the connector apart.

I then used a lambda sensor socket to remove and replace the old sensor and reconnected everything up. I then cleared down the error codes, job done!

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For the water problem I have had to start down a detective route. My first look is at whether there is a small headgasket leak. Having just changed the oil I know the oil that was removed was clean and water free. I also know that, after some hours of idle running with water coming out the back, that the expansion tank level stayed constant meaning that if it is a gasket leak  then it is tiny.

I bought one of those cheap detector kits from Ebay. You simply pour the supplied fluid into the detector, fit the detector to the radiator and run the engine for 3 minutes. If the liquid changes to yellow or green then you have a problem and if if stays blue then you are fine. 

 Well as you can see it stayed blue so it appears everything is fine. People have suggested that it is water that has collected in the exhaust. If so then there is a lot of it! I will be putting her in for an MOT so we will see what the engineer says when he looks at her then.

Into the light!
Wheel bearing

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