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21/10/01 - Green Laning

What could be more harmless than an afternoons Green Laning on a warm October afternoon, partcularly as all the local lanes have been surfaced?

Well all except one and we went alone and we got seriously stuck!  This tiny lane which is only a few hundred yards long has a "wet" section on a 90 degree bend - a wet section that hid a mud pit. We drove in thinking it was just a wet part of the track, lulled into a false sense of security by the simple surfaced lanes we had been along.

We sunk to the axles, no forward or reverse motion, no other vehicle to help us and no mobile phone. Disaster. Engaging the difflock brought a small amount of motion but I had to be careful not to dig in more. We piled branches into the water/mud around the wheels. We piled in more and more until I got some reverse traction. Eventually we got out covered from head to foot in mud!.

The pictures below show is crossing the ford in Coombes Lane and the Jimny at home.

25/10/07 - History of my Jimny
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