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03/05/09 - Avon Dassett

Sunday saw us head off to Avon Dassett with Thames Valley 4x4. For those of you with long memories you may recall we went last year and returned with no clutch, no brakes and a collapsed wheel bearing. This time we took no chances and used a trailer to get it to the event......

This was also our first event that has steep hills, so it was a good try out for the Rock Lobster. The Jimny ran well and was very impressive on the downhill slopes, the engine braking was great On the uphill slopes we were hindered by a problem, the clutch kept slipping!! Looks like my cheap E-Bay clutch plate was a false economy. Kerry has just had a competition paddle clutch fitted to hers and I have heard good reports so perhaps thats the way I will have to go.


So what was the damage....

Well we did in another rear wheel bearing Cry - still the good news is that my favourite online shop has the bearings in stock -BigJimny Shop!

And you know we took it on the trailer so we would not be concerned about breaking down on the way home - well my nice modern Range Rover Sport rolled to a halt on the motorway with some sort of electronics failure.

08/05/09 - Roof Lights
02/05/09 - Kevant's Jimny - UPDATED

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