03/05/09 - Avon Dassett

Sunday saw us head off to Avon Dassett with Thames Valley 4x4. For those of you with long memories you may recall we went last year and returned with no clutch, no brakes and a collapsed wheel bearing. This time we took no chances and used a trailer to get it to the event......

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10/04/09 - Offroading Trips

Don't forget to send in your pictures of Jimnys getting muddy!

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16/03/09 - Trying out the RockLobster

We had a bit of an ad-hoc opportunity to try out the new Transfer Box this weekend as TV4x4 Club held a Training Day for beginners. This event is a restricted entry day just for beginners to try off-roading in a less pressured environment than a full meet. As James is just starting to drive he qualifies as a beginner so along we went, whilst it was his aim to practice his driving it was my aim to try out the car before Hogmoor.

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22/09/09 - National 4x4 Show 2009

We travelled up to the National 4x4 show today, this was held a Donnington Park near Derby so was just under a 2 hour trip for us.

It was a pleasant day out and we managed to catch up with a number of people. Saying hi for the first time to Andy, RichardBAD WORD, Dave (Bits4Vits) and Richie, all from Shropshire Suzuki.

Jimnys featured on a number of stands.....

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20/10/08 - Broxhead Common

We had a great day at Broxhead Common with TV4x4. Didn't get stuck once, although in all honesty we didn't try some of the difficult/wet sections as I was not willing to risk soaking the new clutch.

Only had a couple of problems, we found that the winch earth was dodgy so it needs to be re-made (we had to recover a couple of other vehicles) and I still have some sort of problem with the clutch or transmission. When you sharply release the clutch there is a loud BRRRT! noise, like a machine gun. The general feeling is that the clutch cable is sticking momentarily allowing the clutch to slip and as the clutch is still quite heavy to use I suspect that the cable inner may be worn (apparantly a very common Jimny fault).

There is an extensive album of pictures in the TV4x4 gallery HERE 

The most exciting element was that there was a good complement of Suzuki Jimnys! This is the first event I have attended where there has been other Jimnys. I have put the pictures below.

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