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Differential Failure


​Very shortly after we drove away from the 2019 BigJimny meet, I heard a very loud bang from somewhere underneath BigJimny. I pulled over and could not see anything, the Jimny still had drive but was giving out a knocking noise.

I suspected the CV joints as they have been clicking for a long time, however I found that the noise was coming from the rear diff (see video below, you can hear the knocking noise if you ignore the disc scraping noise)

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From Jimny to Willys Jeep - Part 6


George has completed his Willys jeep build based on a Jimny and sent in these pictures as a conclusion. If you remember, this is the project built using a "new old" Jeep tub i.e. a brand new tub built to the original spec in one of the original Jeep factories. I think it looks really good.  The picture below shows where this all started.

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LittleJimny - Adding LED DRLs


​The UK SZ5 specification Jimny has DRL (Daylight Running Lights) fitted. Whilst the main headlights on the SZ5 are LED, the DRLs are plain old Tungsten. Therefore they look yellow when on and are generally mis-matched to the overall look of the car. Therefore I have upgraded the lights to LED. It is a simple task of replacing the bulbs howeve...

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BigJimnyMeet 2019 - 20th October

After much planning the day of the event finally arrived. The last event was held a few years ago so it was definitely time to try again, so it was off to 4x4withoutaclub at Aldermaston.  

​Sixty three Jimnys  were booked in making it possibly the largest Jimny gathering in Europe and even challenging the rest of the world. They came from all over the country with many staying ovenight at local hotels. Even the hotel car-park became its own mini-meet.

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LittleJimny - the custom build

LittleJimny - the custom build

Once LittleJimny was on its way we sorted out our "specification" with the guys at Roadworthy Suzuki. They were more than happy to meet our requirements for some customisations as James had put together a list to achieve his dream Jimny. First of all a couple of pictures to show how "Gerald the Jimny" looked when he arrived at Roadworthy. Each coun...

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