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Jimny build- looking for a good one?

07 Dec 2017 18:55 #187157 by firstblood
Hello all, Im over here in Canada watching it snow and I have accomplished the biggest hurdle in starting a Jimny build, I convinced the other half that it was for business purposes and she agreed!!, thats the hard part. Now to decide what to start with. Living in Canada I cant import anything under 15 years old, so in 2018 I can import a 2003 from Japan. I have options, there are many companies that specializes in bringing in JDM cars to Vancouver the closest port to me, or there are guys that have them landed and for sale.

My questions arises as to what to look for on a used Jimny? through emails and a lot of help from some importers Ive been told to look for a 2000+ JB-43W (Jimny Sierra), the best motor, wide body kit and price as well as a few other things if i were to bring one in, but there is also a already landed 1999 JB-33W with 17,000km, basically new but a bit more than I want to spend pretty close to me. I was looking at one with close to 100,000km. I can import any jimny up to a 2003 so not limited to the above models.

Are there specific rust spots on jimnys?
Things to check on engines/prone to failure?
any specific years or models to avoid?
is 100,000km too high to buy used?

Back ground.
I live in BC in the mountains and have a 4 door suzuki sidekick lifted and rebuilt through and though for beating around the mountains. I love mini trucks for hunting and off roading right out my back door because they go anywhere and sip gas but my tracker is ugly and a bit rusty so its for sale. I also own my own business and the perfect vehicle for my specific business purpose (indoor heated transport over snow and lake ice- requirements- Lightweight, 4 person capacity, reliable, tracks capable) My search has led me to these wee beasts and with a solid front axle, 2000lb weight, a jimny is the perfect platform with wheel spacers/adapters can take camso utv4s1 tracks. This is just the beginning so Ill be asking lots of questions.

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07 Dec 2017 20:17 #187158 by Lambert
Welcome. The main rot areas of interest are the rear floor especially in the well for the jack and behind the headlights, but they are not immune to tinworm elsewhere too so check thoroughly if at all possible. Single cam engines have a belt drive twin cams are chain not that it seems to have much of an impact either way. Both engines also have a 1.6l variety which are simple to swap for more power.

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07 Dec 2017 22:08 #187159 by Darthblaker7474
Have you thought about getting a JB23 Jimny?

It's a Kei-version of the Jimny, and comes with a 660cc turbo-charged engine (K6A), as well as different body work to conform to Japanese specifications.

Also Mainland Europe got a 1.5 Turbo-diesel variant, which uses a Renault engine.

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08 Dec 2017 01:07 #187161 by firstblood
A turbo engine is a bit more to maintain and parts are nearly impossible to come by over here. The diesels would 100% be my choice but not sure if the diesel model is 15 years old yet? maybe Germany or if anyone has one they ant to sell.... but again, parts and getting it from Europe would cost me an extra thousand to ship it cross Canada alone.

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08 Dec 2017 21:51 #187189 by kirkynut
I don't want to put you off but Jimnys don't sip petrol as they are not particularly economical and don't have the biggest fuel tank.

The rear seats are only suitable for small children.


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10 Dec 2017 19:13 - 10 Dec 2017 20:17 #187285 by firstblood
Ill definitely be sitting in one before I Purchase one, there are a few floating around my province or the next that I can go check out. Im not too worried about seating space per say, It will only be a very short trip vehicle. Designed for covering ground on frozen lakes for ice fishing or accessing snowmobile only lakes, 5km per jaunt max and there are many kids, Im a fishing guide. Ive done the trips I want to do in my buddies samurai in the summer and a tracked SxS in winter so I know what the vehicle needs to be capable of. If it runs anywhere near the fuel milages in the specs, Ill be laughing in hunting season and writing it off for business in the winter, trailering it to some of the lakes in my Dodge pickup burns more fuel than this can carry and hell gas prices in my neck of the woods are around 1.25 litre, about half what you guys pay.

Trailer jimny to lake--> load up sled/trailer for jimny to tow --short trip to fish, max 5km--fish--move--fish--move-- back to truck, trailer home. (Walking in full winter gear sucks, traveling by snowmobile/sxs is cold, conditions kinds suck all the time with wind and snow, needs to be reliable and functional).

Next questions is does anyone know a source for LHD headlights for a Jimny? Ill be buying a RHD from japan but need LHD headlights to be street legal/insurable in BC. any pointers would be appreciated.
Last edit: 10 Dec 2017 20:17 by firstblood.

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