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Steering box adjustment

07 Jun 2022 13:48 #243618 by Old Neil
The other day i had front end of jimny on Jack stands i noticed with steering locked a lot of left to right movement, both wheels simultaneously, is that normal if not can it be adjusted by the screw lock nut on steering box, is there a special technique?
Thanks Neil

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07 Jun 2022 15:51 - 07 Jun 2022 15:52 #243622 by yakuza
Replied by yakuza on topic Steering box adjustment
The box can be adjusted. There should allways be some play though so if it drives ok and is mot-ok you should leave it alone. .
I only done this by feel so this procedure is not a recommendation.
Loosen the locking nut, and the center adjusting screw will follow, so hold it with a flat screwdriver. Screw in to tighten.
Carefully tighten until you can feel resistance, and then loosen a quart turn. Hold the adjuster while tightening the nut. With the car on stands check if it binds on full turn both sides, loosen if so. if it feels too tight on full turn your box may have more wear on the middle part (like mine) and might need to be changed.
Check back after some use.

Norway 2005 Jimny M16A VVT, 235 BFG MT, 2" Trailmaster, ARB rear lck, 17%/87% high/low gears.
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