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Fitting a Turbo or Supercharger to Gen4

09 Oct 2023 21:00 #251317 by 300bhpton

This has had me thinking about more power and if I the resources I would prefer the big block option aka the 2.4 out of the grand vitara. Being able to roll up big hills without fuss sounds really good.
lol, surely BIG block would be more like 455ci or 7.4 litres.... 

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09 Oct 2023 21:06 #251318 by 300bhpton

The Land Rover V8 was only 134bhp. Although l imagine most are now delivering somewhat more. Hard to imagine how you could produce a 3.5 litre V8 with so little power. l suppose it was more about the torque.
Engines from a P6 would be 160hp standard or 155hp from an SD1. But 190 and 215hp units also sold in 3.5 litre guise.

Power is fine and compares well with other engines of the period. It isn't all about specific output (hp/litre). A larger displacement will make more torque and offer more power at lower revs.

That said, a 3.9 makes 182hp and is likely a more common swap these days. Although with any Rover V8 it is pretty easy and straight forward to get 230-250hp from them. Not saying this is what is in most Land Rovers, most will be stock power.

For the record the Land Rover version was detuned to 137hp, for various reasons. Protect the transmission and drivetrain and also allow it to run better on low grade 2 star petrol.

"l think you worry way too much. You said on another forum you have never used full throttle in your Defender D250 diesel. Which also isn't really all that speedy...."

lt is true that 250bhp only makes the Defender moderately fast as it weighs 2 1/2 tons.
But the engine is producing nearly 600Nm of torque by 1400rpm so it actually feels very strong. l never need to floor it, even when towing the caravan.
Towing probably not, but that isn't likely the reason you'd turbocharge or supercharge a Jimny. You'd do it for acceleration and performance. And even if you don't put your foot down, there are plenty of people who like too. :)

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