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Anyone seen the Black Raptor suspension on a 4th Gen

27 Jan 2021 19:46 #232271 by 300bhpton

I don't know who makes the bits for them. I've read mixed reviews on the 3rd Gen kits with the basic shocks. But the Gen 4 Premium kit has completely different 16 stage adjustable shocks. I don't physically recognise them, but there are a lot of companies out there.

The specs on the Jimnybits website read perfect for this kit. But there just isn't any real way of knowing apart from real world expereicne.

Ideally I want that mix of both abilities. I want a bit more suspension travel, as I'm a big believer in trying to keep the wheels on the ground (i.e. more droop, but not at the expense of compression).

I'd like to improve the ride off road a bit. The stock suspension is fine, but can be a bit harsh.

However I do like bombing around the country lanes and putting my foot down. So I need to retain good body control and not induce too much lean or poor steering.

All of the other kits just don't quite hit the mark unfourtunately.

- Old Man Emu = Really like the look of this, plus there is some quite good feedback. On road handling should improve and off road ride quality. But the issue I have is, it doesn't really offer much in the way of extra travel. The OME kit uses shorter shocks to avoid needing to drop the front cross member or add extended brake lines. If they offered this kit with longer shocks I'd probably have bought it by now.

- Trailmaster = I know they have a good rep on here. But they are not a brand I'm familiar with. Despite the fact they offer kits for Land Rover's. I've not know anyone running any of their stuff. There are some reviews of this kit. But not really a whole heap of info. I however really dislike the fact they use extended bump stops to limit suspension compression. This just feels like a huge compromise to me and a bit of a get out.

- Ironman4x4 = I have their bumper which I like. And their kit seems to offer the right bits. But info is hard to come by and they don't respond to emails. Ultimately I'm not really convinced on what this kit offers in ability, but it could still be an option.

- Black Raptor Premium = Sounds spot on. Apart from the worry that maybe the quality isn't there. I don't really know Jimnybits apart from the few bits I've bought thus far for my Jimny. All seems good, but too many forum posts saying they use cheap shocks and the like.

And as far as I know, these are the main options in the UK at the moment.

I guess what I'm after is the ride/handling of the OME kit, but with the extended travel of the Black Raptor kit. And maybe the Black Raptor can offer this, but I'd kind of like to know before buying :D

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  • Lasse
  • Visitor
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27 Jan 2021 20:05 #232273 by Lasse
I thinking of going with the Black Raptor when they restock.. I mean how bad can it be.. don’t think a firm like Jimnybits would put it all on the line an make some serious junk.. The rings in the water run fast in the Jimny world..

Remember companies like Trailmaster and OME ones was unknown..

I have heard from Jimnybits today that Trailmaster have some manufacturing issues .. I don’t know..

Maybe the Black Raptor is an underdog..

Received this from Jimnybits today:
We would recommend the Black Raptor Premium. delivery on the cross members is still a few weeks away. Trailmaster are having manufacturing issues which is pushing delivery of there kits to 6-9 weeks
Kind regards

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