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Models that don’t have the R72 gearbox

10 Nov 2019 19:05 #215545 by Watergypsy
Hey everyone, two years ago I bought a 2006 Jimny and within 11 days the gearbox broke. I did some research and found that the R72 gearbox was known to fail prematurely which you state on this site. Luckily I had 3 months warranty on it, however, the garage was awful at attempting to fix it in house, I demanded a refund. My trust in Jimnys has been terribly dented ever since. I ended up buying a city car instead to keep costs down. My question is this.. did Suzuki ever stop using the R72 gearbox and replace it with a better one? If so on what model/year please? I would LOVE a new 2019 Jimny but there’s no way I can afford one so I want to know if anything post 2006 is worth looking at? I know you can pick up a decent pre-2006 if you look hard enough but I would prefer something a lot newer. Sorry if this is an annoying question but I can’t find anything on the web and you guys are the experts! Thanks.

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10 Nov 2019 19:54 #215547 by Scimike
No expert on this but I believe the R72 is used in all GEN 3 Jimny's from 2005 until the end of its production. Suzuki changed the suspect bearing post 2009 from an open to sealed type cage bearing, this is the type of bearing is sold in rebuild kits. You have to assume this fixed the problem, however it was never a recall issue.
I would fear rust more which is a bigger problem in my opinion.

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10 Nov 2019 21:25 #215549 by kirkynut
Yep, buy a 2009 on car, best to go 2010 to avoid late registered 2008 cars, and you will not have an issue.

Or go pre 2005 low mileage and non rusty but paying more than you'd expect.


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