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Fan belt AGAIN!

09 Nov 2019 10:23 - 09 Nov 2019 10:24 #215505 by Fossie
Fan belt AGAIN! was created by Fossie
Asking on behalf of my daughter, who some may have met on the Jimny meet. ( red hard top jobbie)
Anyway her fanbelt snapped again 3rd or 4 th in a year. The crank pulley has been checked by the local garage , when they fitted a new water pump. But can you diagnose the fault of bonding failure when cold and stationary in fairness.?
This morning ...the first deep frost , it squealed a bit but soon stopped , went to the stables and the usual smell , signs ...yep no coolant and a snapped belt.
Question which is the more likely cause , alternator bearings or crankshaft pulley. In ideal world both , the water pump is new so shouldn't be that,
It's a 2004 hard top so M13 engine no aircon .
She phoned hoping to just borrow our cabrio ....but as fate would decree our brake pipe are gash as per another thread.....

Ps I have read some other threads on here but no conclusions it seems .
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09 Nov 2019 10:57 #215506 by mlines
Replied by mlines on topic Fan belt AGAIN!
With the engine running, look at the pulley/belt. Is there any wobble

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13 Nov 2019 14:00 #215604 by Jimny Sprocket
Replied by Jimny Sprocket on topic Fan belt AGAIN!
I’ve had two snap on me, after fitting the second replacement I checked and adjusted tension.

I get squealing sometimes when I first start, I avoid using the blower and heated rear window and any lights and let the car idle for a couple of minutes to replenish the battery before driving off.

I know this is more about treating symptoms than a cure, but I can’t find any faults.

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13 Nov 2019 22:32 #215610 by Jimx5
Replied by Jimx5 on topic Fan belt AGAIN!
Only a thought,but have you checked the 'V' on the water pump pulley which you say has recently been changed.
If any of the 'V's' are different, alternator-water pump etc are the wrong profile it will cause excessive wear on the belt under tension.

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