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Throttle position sensor

14 May 2018 11:28 #192677 by Wingedbomb
Wingedbomb created the topic: Throttle position sensor
Hi all, been having no end of problems with my Jimny this year but I'll start with this question and go from there.
Are there any throttle position sensors that fit from other cars/models?
The price ranges for the jimny ones are wildly different but I've seen on a few pages that they also fit Baleno, carry, swift II and the wagon R+.
The baleno ones are widely available and start at £10.
Will these actually fit?
I've spent loads this year on it and it just keeps going wrong in a new way all the time!
It's now got an occasional lack of power and strong petrol smell when moving and the warning light is permanently on. Before it would flash on, loss of power then go again. I replaced the cam sensor and it still did it, new plugs, coils and leads, cat and it was still doing it. Next port of call was cleaning out the map pipe and the valve on the rocker cover. Still did it. I then started thinking it was the tps so under advice I ran it with it unplugged. Seemed to be working for for a few days and then had a total loss of power, smelled really hot although the temp gauge was in the OK had to pull over and then wouldn't start properly for 30mins. Got it back to my workshop with many random surges of power. I took the tps apart..... Bad idea I know.... Cleaned the contacts etc and put it back on. I reset the codes by disconnecting the battery and it seemed to run OK for 15 mins or so, then the revs shot up on thier own so I turned it off. Wouldn't start for ages but now does. Engine light permanently on, idle is good and no longer hunts up and down but when giving some throttle it splutters a bit before picking up revs as normal.
Ironically this all started happening just after I got new tyres all round, sorted out the death wobble and got the top down, thinking I really do like this car.... And then it dies. The first thing was the smell of petrol...... Used it for a few weeks and kept thinking the smell was getting worse but could never find a leak. Could this have something to do with it all? When I first got it the revs would always hunt up and down on idle but it never stalled and ran fine apart from that.
Its an X plate soft top.
Sorry for the mammoth post but I need this car running again.
Many thanks, Pete

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15 May 2018 04:06 #192696 by Lambert
Lambert replied the topic: Throttle position sensor
Have you plugged it into a diagnostic to get codes, and if so what were they?

It's not a Jimny. It's my Jimny

Mooo said Ermintrude (black)
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