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What 2 inch lift kit should I buy??

  • Olliecarr25
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10 Oct 2020 12:55 #228986 by Olliecarr25
What 2 inch lift kit should I buy?? was created by Olliecarr25
Hi there I have a 2002 Suzuki jimny that’s in need of new tyres so I thought now is the perfect time to lift it before I buy new tyres it is pretty much stock apart from the snorkel and light bar and It’s my only car so it gets used on and off road (mostly on road) looking at a 2inch lift kit but was wondering what one to go for as there’s a lot out there thanks in advance.

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  • Riccy
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10 Oct 2020 14:59 #228998 by Riccy
I would ask if you really need to lift it at all?

The biggest practical tyre size for a Jimny without any gearing changes is 215/75r15, which will fit fine on standard height. A good, non-remould tyre will be money well spent. Its the only thing giving you traction/braking so makes a massive difference everywhere you drive.

Any bigger tyres and its a dog to drive on the road as the tyres take much more effort to push around.

Perhaps looking at refreshing some worn out 2002 suspension with some new gear would be a good idea though. Lambert and Sniper are fans of lower lifts and have no troubles getting where they want to go :-)

Of course, I cant talk with a huge lift/tyres and expensive Fox shocks, but I do have the gearing changes to make it go properly (also expensive). I do often look at the more standard spec machines getting to the same places I go and think I've gone too far with it all...

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  • Lambert
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10 Oct 2020 18:00 #229006 by Lambert
Wot he sed ^^^^^

No in all seriousness a lift kit on a predominantly road car is juice that's not worth the squeeze. However if you are still on the original suspension then a refresh is definitely going to help. I have trailmaster dampers on mine with standard height springs. Compared with the 80 to 100 thousand mile original units the new stuff has given it probably 20mm on what it was or more importantly replaced what was lost to wear and tear.

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10 Oct 2020 18:24 - 10 Oct 2020 18:52 #229007 by Scimike
I totally agree with what has been said above ^^ . As a predominantly road bias user have never found the need for a lift or got stuck as a result of not having one. I have opted as Lambert for improvement to the standard lenght components, and it's great.

However :pinch:

I am aware that some just like the look and all those that fit a lift kit report that it's so much better (on the road) than the standard setup. It's better in every way, comfort, corners better etc etc.
So which is the best lift kit to fit assuming you are using it on the road ?

Let's assume we are talking about ride comfort rather than cornering ability, I always struggle to see how that improves with a higher CG. I appreciate it's a very subjective subject, but it's a valid question for those that want to fit the off road equipment, even if they don't need it all the time.

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10 Oct 2020 19:03 #229009 by sniper
My car had 72k on it when bought and the suspension was very tired. I bought good quality dampers (AVO adjustable +30mm) and standard (KYB) springs. I fitted the springs with 15mm seats and there was a massive improvement in both look and drive, shortly afterwards I replaced the KYB springs with Eibach +30mm and got further improvement.

With 45mm total lift and 215/75 x15 tyres, I was able to lane all over the Lakes and Peaks following big tyre cars (followed Riccy all over) and do ok, the big tyre cars made stuff look easy and I had to think about what I was doing but I always got there...

On road it handles like a go-cart in the dry.... so that's my recommendation +30mm because that's the only spring Eibach do and AVO's... Not the cheapest (£650) set up but it gave me what I wanted.

The Trailmaster +50mm (comfort) set up that is for sale at a good price in the forum shop is very well reviewed by users.... But again not the cheapest (£588)

Th Black Raptor +50mm kit was fitted on a pick up conversion at the garage that did my conversion, they were very impressed with it and that kit is only £300 from forum member j999pre (send him a pm if you are interested)....

Hope that helps....


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