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How are people getting on with the new Jimny?

19 Jul 2019 14:29 #211279 by 300bhpton
I know numbers of the new Jimny are still pretty low in the UK. But I'm wondering what the current consensus is?

Have any major issues been identified? Either in the UK or other markets? Often the first model year of a vehicle has teething issues of some kind.

Does anyone know of any updates or changes coming to the Jimny anytime soon?

Anyone running the factory skid plates? They sound a little pricey, but no pics on the Suzuki website:
Front Skid Plate £309.00 shopcars.suzuki.co.uk/catalog/product/vi...00-front-skid-plate/
Rear Skid Plate £309.00 shopcars.suzuki.co.uk/catalog/product/vi...000-rear-skid-plate/

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19 Jul 2019 20:34 #211287 by Soeley
Absolutely love mine, never had anything like this or been off roading before. I went from a Toyota iQ to the Jimny and it is such a joy to drive on the roads. Not been off road yet only some unpaved roads. Certainly no regrets and it is a keeper for me.

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19 Jul 2019 20:57 #211288 by wjamieson
Just over 4 months and 4000 miles. Loved every minute with the car. Still look forward every day to my drive to work. Getting better with more miles. MPG now up to 42 and that is with a mix of a/b roads and city driving. Had it on a 4x4 offroad course which was great fun. Over the years I have driven 2 seater sports cars as well as big 4x4's and liked most of them if not all of them. But the wee Jimny makes me smile every time. Only one niggle that I find a bit annoying and that is as a result of the boxy nature of the car lots of lies and insects hit the windscreen rather than diverted over the windscreen. Have to carry windscreen wipes and clean the windscreen every couple of days. Definitely recommend the Jimny.

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19 Jul 2019 21:27 - 19 Jul 2019 21:32 #211290 by Gadget
A name I recognise from Pistonheads.

Same as others, absolutely love mine and no faults or issues. As long as you don't expect a modern SUV driving experience, it won't disappoint. It still makes me smile every time I drive it, it feels special.

If I had to improve one thing, it would be the auto headlights which are so sensitive as to be unusable, unless you like flashing other road users with the laser-beam-like LEDs!

The only issue I'm aware of is some low speed judder on manual cars.

OEM skid plates are aluminium diff guards, I think I'd rather wait for steel aftermarket versions - which are likely to be a lot cheaper too!

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19 Jul 2019 22:33 #211294 by Aj4x4
After waiting 10 months for mine to arrive I was starting to lose enthusiasm due to the delivery date being moved three times. However, now I have it I am so pleased I didn't cancel my order.

Having had several Landrover 90s I would say that the Jimny is what a modern 90 should be. It places a smile on my face just seeing it on the drive. I love driving it and actually find reasons to " pop out for something" just to drive it.

I have had no issues so far. The previous comment about the bugs on the windscreen is not specific to the Jimny. My 90s were the same as was my L200 pickup. I think it's just the upright position of those types of cars.

The Jimny is as far as I am concerned a perfect car to personalise. I have done the LED fog and DLR thing.... load tray.... which I have lined with an anti slip mat using contact adhesive. Added rear speakers and upgraded the front ones. I have a bonnet guard on route from Japan.

I love it and would happily recommend getting one. The one thing I would say though is that unless you are willing to adjust your mindset and driving style then look elsewhere, that's not saying they are bad.... just different.
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20 Jul 2019 09:05 - 20 Jul 2019 09:06 #211303 by Scimike
As others have said the driving experience is different to that of other modern vehicles. In no way am I suggesting its bad in anyway, it's what makes it fun, but it could come as a surprise if you have never been in an off road oriented vehicle.
So get yourself a test drive if you have not done so already, if you can't find a GEN4 to drive a GEN3 will give a similar experience.

If you come away with a smile on your face then a Jimny is the vehicle for you.:laugh:
Last edit: 20 Jul 2019 09:06 by Scimike.

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20 Jul 2019 12:05 #211317 by Bob1050
If you want real life feedback try


7,000 miles of non-sponsored, paid for out of my own pocket Jimny ownership. Biggest concern - the wear showing on OEM rubber mats.
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20 Jul 2019 13:08 #211319 by OctaneJimny
I've had mine for a month now and it's absolutely brilliant. Newer cars never has this much character. It's really fun to drive and almost feels a bit silly but it has got a really serious offroading face as well. My only niggle was the infotainment system screen being shiney rather than matte it collects finger prints like mad and I've had a few glints of sun from it but that's all been solved with a matte screen protector. It's had plenty of looks from people and I've been asked about in several times. It's one of those cars that when your walking away from it you can't help turn and have a look. I see myself having it for years to come.

Instagram: OctaneJimny
FB: Suzuki Jimny 4th gen (JB64 JB74) owners club

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  • Andy2640
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  • Its better to have tried and failed.
20 Jul 2019 21:28 - 20 Jul 2019 21:32 #211334 by Andy2640
One night, about 7 months ago, i was online and thinking about 4x4's. I'd always loved the look of suzuki samurai's and jimnys. Whilst looking through really old examples of samurai's and the newer gen 3 jims, I clocked eyes on a little 4x4 that had the effect of my eyes nearly popping out their sockets. It was the gen 4 jimny!. The looks of the thing blew me away, it was a hybrid of a samurai and a jimny, and even looked like a g wagon. It was love at first sight.

The following weeks were spent looking at the thing, learning as much as i could about it, whilst simoultanuesly trying to figure out how i was gonna raise the cash to buy the thing.

Next thing was getting to a dealer and hearing the dreaded words: "you cant have one though, waiting list". Arggghhhhh!! This made me want one even more. Long story short, and lots of moaning, phone calls, leaving tactical reviews, more moaning and complaining, i managed to get one. The rest is history and my motoring nivana began.

The jimny has an incredable feel to it. Ive always disagreed with people who say its twitchy, skittish and blown around easily. Dont no whether its because i have 215 tyres on or not, or the wind aint been strong enough, but naa, no real issues other than modest buffering. One time though i was coming down past coventry airport in heavy rain, when all of a sudden i hit a fairly deep puddle that had formed arcoss the road, for one thing it blinded me for a good 3 to 4 seconds and the aquaplane effect was terrifying. Thats the only gripe i have had with this compact little terror, is the lightness of the thing when doing 55-60mph through sitting water. I think the ESC saved the day, but the whole event really shook me up and reminded me to be very cautious in the jim in heavy rain. Oh and also on the same day, i hit what seemed to be a diesel slick, again the same effect where i thought id lost control. Dread to think what would of happened without that esc.

I love the mechanical rawness with the jim too. Its a really old school motor, where you can feel and hear every action. The transmission whine is awesome, it feels like a compact little military vehicle, reminds me of the noise the US humvees make. Its not like these new electrical gizmo cats where everything is mooted,numb and sterile. The jim really is a ladder frame with a cabin dropped on the top. Its hard to describe the way it makes you feel, but its very raw and old school. Like getting out of a ford focus and then driving an original mini cooper type feeling.

The engine really is a gruff little bugger, and it really sounds like its garggling nails, or perhaps a better description would be like gargling a bag of tacks. Also when i put my foot to the floor, i could never describe it as slow! Plenty fast enough for me, and around toen id even call it peppy!. A great simple little engine, i have full confdence that suzuki have supplied a dependable and strong unit.

I'm really, really looking forward to some snow this year, it will be great to get it in 4 wheel druve and go on adventuees where others not dare. I pray for snow!

Just like the other comments above, every day is a pleasure in the jim, look forward to every drive. Like you lot, ive had countless folks wanting to know more about it. I'd say the over 50's have been the majoeity of interested people, that, or they are more willing to approach you and talk, not sure. They dont like to hear that there is a waiting list though, that always doesnt go down well.

Earlier today i turned my music down on the motorway and took it to 80mph. What was amazing was how well suzuki have muffled and sound proofed the cabin. Yes the revs were mega high and it was beavering away like a madden, but saying how high it was revving, the sound wasnt half as loud as it should of been. Likewise on a country lane, i stuck it in 3rd and cained it, and the noise in the cabin was very mooted. Overall they have done a great job with keeping the noise down.

I think suzuki have created an amazing vehicle here, i really do. The word is getting around now that this car is a very serious and capable off roader. I think at first some people thought it was a little gimicky urban fashion statement. Now some reputavle and serious 4x4 people have had their hanfs on it, folks know it aint no gimicky toy.

Thats a great, reasuring feeling too, knowing that your driving a great looking, high quality, well made, highly competant vehicle. Its very satisfying!.

Well.......like you lot, it's 100% a keeper for me too. And thats why im looking after it extra carefully. Got my eye on the new bits n bobs coming out for it, a work in progress is underway.

Out of 100, i'd no BS ..... give it a 97.

Would i recomend, HELL YES!!!!

A wise man once said...... When we are Mean, Shout at People, Lose our Tempers, Swear, and generally act like Tool Bags, Never forget ..... We are all Cavemen in Suits, Uniforms and/or Overalls ..... Living in Semi-Concrete Jungles. Andy - 2019 AD.
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21 Jul 2019 06:03 #211345 by Themooingman
It’s a great car. Echo what most others say. Gets attention and has old school charm about it. No niggles in mine and everything well put together. However for me it’s not much of a motorway car and although it can cope it’s not something that it feels at home on. Fortunately I have another car so can choose this. However with that said can’t fault it on anything else. Only minor comment is since I got mine middle of January have not seen another gen 4 on the road ! Still rare

2019 Gen 4 Jimny SZ5 in Silky Silver. Parking sensors and Rear Camera, floor mats pack and Rigid tyre Cover

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12 Dec 2019 14:40 #216427 by Barry silver SZ5
Better than expected and well pleased after 11 month wait. Had reversing camera fitted which is excellent,also sensors. Parking is now easy which I struggled with before. I purchased a spare wheel cover from Land Rover site would recommend as top quality for low price. Overtaking not its best attribute as steering is vague but reviews told me this. Rubber back tray stops things rolling about. Must be very annoying for those still waiting. Must say my Jimny has slowed me down and haven’t driven my Caterham since ! I love the visibility and it’s so easy to drive. I am 70 and never been in a Jimny before. Hope to keep it for years.

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