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16 Dec 2016 10:43 #175707 by Keithy
Taking into account pumping losses vs the HP required to drive a supercharger......superchargers are quite inefficient by comparison even without taking into account the inertial mass.

Both methods have one fatal flaw....inefficiency at low rpm....the secret is to mitigate that by choosing the correct ar....one so it's not a lag monster and two to prevent overspeeding if it's too small for the flow.

In modern times we can have external wastegates and dictate the power curve via the ecu by programmed boost control.....having several "maps" and switching between them we can have a set engine speed for maybe rock crawling?

And of course go mental on the loose stuff utilising 4 roosters.

Cam fuel and ignition timing/duration for some dictate that where a standard engine develops power/torque is where it's going to develop more with forced induction....I dare say you could term getting 60bhp where you previously had a lot less as "peaky" but that's where the right foot comes in....or the will to live! :D

Now to figure out how to get a 60% reduction in low range.....Jimnybits!

A good start for understanding the relationship between power and torque.... here

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