BigJimny Meet 2019 (17 May 2019)

BigJimny Meet and off-road driving day



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The Low Ground Pressure Upland Tractor Build

13 Jan 2019 13:13 - 13 Jan 2019 13:32 #200635 by Dirtbird
Hi will be rejigging my Jimny to help me reclaim 30 acres of poor mountain side . I will be trying to keep the Jimny as stock as possible.
Hope I can use the Jimny and a small utility trailer for fencing. Toe a weed lick to treat rushes and may be build a fertilizer spreader .

Goinfg for Green Turtles DIY bumper any one whos made it will ye let me know.

I'm also using the build to train another apprentice for the Jimny rebel alliance "Listen love its time I had a chat with him "
My eldest will be learning how too:
1.Drink Cold tea
2.Stir same tea with spanners
3. Staying up too late
4. Cutting his knuckles
etc etc etc
His first job was removing the stock bumper took a while (was more interested in drilling holes in a pallet in the back of the shed )
We got there in the end

I also asked him to was wash the under side. The plan is to replace the shocks and springs over the course of the next couple of evenings.

The Lads
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13 Jan 2019 16:15 #200657 by Lambert
A bonding experience, good man! If you have intentions towards lowering the ground pressure have a look at the wheels and tyres KAP use on their landmaster pickup. They aren't good for road use having a speed limit of about 25mph but for floating around on top of a bog they will see you leave side by side quad levels of disturbance.

Dreadnaught (black 2011)

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13 Jan 2019 16:45 #200664 by Dirtbird
Lambert I was on to Darren and got some good advice from him .

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