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WANTED: Rear Gearbox Seal Housing / Flange (R72 / VVT)

07 Feb 2019 12:21 #202730 by Venter
Hi, not entirely sure what to call it, but it's the alloy "end cap" of the gearbox in which the rearmost oil seal fits, and into which the prop-shaft sits.

If anyone knows a better name for it I'll change the thread title.

Need one as I gouged the soft alloy trying to get the oil seal out and now have an oil leak. Serves me right for not having a seal-puller!

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07 Feb 2019 21:07 #202766 by Scimike
Sorry don't know what it's called or what damage you have done, but just in case you get no further offers have you considered
Plastic Padding Chemical Metal Adhesive or similar?
I have successfully used it to repair hard to get classic car parts, such as a brass radiator and alloy thermostat housing. It's been fined with the temperature and contact with oil etc, so it hay be possible to use it to fill in the damage. Once set install the seal as normal.
Obviously if you can get the part much better, but if not it may just fix that leak.

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07 Feb 2019 21:20 #202767 by Venter
Cheers Scimike that's good to know. Am gonna hold out here for a bit in the hope that I get the part, but if not I'll give the adhesive a go

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