Kingpin Bearings (Koyo) with Swivel Seal Kit (Premium Seal)

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Kingpin Bearings (Koyo)  with Swivel Seal Kit (Premium Seal)

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Product Information

Why "Premium" as there are other kits on the Internet.....

  • Bearings are Koyo - these are EXACTLY the ones supplied by Suzuki, not an equivalent manufacturer, not a Chinese copy, not a fake, not described as "OEM specification" (ie, like Suzuki specifications, but not Suzuki) 

This is the real deal!

Fits all Suzuki Jimny models and years.

Kit consisting of TWO Kingpin bearings and ONE axle oil seal and ONE large Swivel Seal

This kit consists of the parts needed to change the Kingpin bearings on one side of the front axle.

It contains a pair of 30302J Bearings and a 26 x 38 x 8 R23 Oil Seal which is the small one that fits inside the axle end. (Note the current shipped seal is 8mm )

This kit consists of the genuine Koyo Bearings, as fitted by Suzuki. These are not "white box" or Chinese copies or equivalent brands.

This kit contains the SAME bearing as the Suzuki 09265-15006 bearings and an 8mm equivalent of the 09283-26016 Oil Seal and a genuine Suzuki Large Swivel seal

Purchase from the site that gives you the proper information....

  • A link to the "How to" describing how to change the bearings on a Jimny is HERE
  • A video on how to change them is HERE

You can find out more about curing Death Wobble here -            


How to check for fake Koyo bearings



   I only sell genuine bearings  !



The genuine bearings have a label like this, it has a barcode, a QR code and holographic strip. The holographic strip has a Koyo logo in it that turns to iTekt as you move your head. Once you have seen the hologram you can then look up the QR code in the WBA Authenticator App and it will confirm that the bearing is genuine.
















Product CodePremium Bearing/SwivelSeal Kit

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Perfect kit

The parts supplied fitted perfectly and are top quality. Completed the job 8 months ago and everything is still like new, so expect them to last as well. Don't go for cheap eBay bearings (likely to be copies), get them from a known source unless you like rebuilding the swivels every few weeks. Quick service as well, the parts arrived promptly. Michael Rhead (12 Mar 2020, 15:13)

No more wobble

Bought for the garage to correct MOT failure “ excessive kingpin movement “. Roughly half the price of the parts quoted by the garage. Fitted and passed MOT and has removed what little wobble there was. Excellent, product, price and delivery speed.Andy Palfreman (18 Feb 2020, 15:19)

Fixed the death wobble

Change all 4 bearings and added the thinnest shims from the kit. Finally solved the wobble. Thanks to big jimny for the advice and all the help. Duncan (18 Aug 2019, 18:03)
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