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A quick & short info

Using wheel spacers on a Jimny helps to significantly stabilize the vehicle and reduce its "body roll".

Using wheel spacers is especially recommended when applying a vehicle lift, in order to compensate for the increased center of gravity.

Note Icon.pngSee wiki article "Lifting the vehicle" for details.

Wheel bearings endure heavier duty when wheel spacers are used, and there is no cure but to replace them more often. Possibly some other suspension or transmission component suffers as well?

Using wheel spacers might induce Death wobble, especially with lower quality or thicker wheel spacers.

A tyre might collide with the wheel arches or the mud flaps (in case of front tyres) in certain situations and positions when wheel spacers are used.

It might be illegal in certain countries if a wheel "sticks out" from the vehicle's body, requiring the installation of wider wheel arches and possibly some vehicle recertification to remedy that.

For predominant on-road use, it is not recommended to use wheel spacers thicker than approx 30 mm.

This forum topic contains a lot of useful info and experiences about wheel spacers.

The same effect of wheel spacers can be achieved by using offset wheels.

Note Icon.pngSee wiki article "Offset wheels" for details.

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