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This article has been generated from both a forum post by Kirkynut and Wikipedia entries.

Note Icon.png This article is rather old and contains only some sparse information. The main worldwide community knowledge about the history of the Suzuki Jimny range is located in the Generic world Wikipedia article on Jimnys.

Naming differences

  • It is important to understand some Jimny history.
  • First, as this forum has a large United Kingdom (Great Britain) based membership, visitors from other countries may be confused by the vehicle name.
  • Within the UK, only the 3rd and 4th generation of the "Jimny" is called the Jimny.
  • Previous versions, that were called "Jimny" in other countries, were called LJ50, LJ80, SJ410, SJ413 and Samurai within the UK market.
  • Therefore, this website usually uses the term Jimny to refer to the 3rd or 4th generation vehicle.

  • The compact off-road capable Suzuki Jimny was Suzuki's first global success, lending it name recognition and a foothold in markets worldwide.
  • The Jimny slotted into a hitherto unfilled gap in the market.

First generation



Suzuki LJ10

Suzuki Jimny LJ20 (1973), note spare tire placement


Suzuki Jimny 55 (SJ10)


Suzuki SJ20/LJ80

Second generation



Suzuki SJ30


Suzuki SJ40/SJ410


Suzuki SJ413

Maruti Gypsy

Coil sprung versions

Suzuki SJ413
Suzuki SJ413

  • These are particularly interesting, as they were the last of the SJ413 developments and effectively had the "3rd Generation" suspension (coil springs).
  • This makes them (in the terms of construction) very similar to the Jimny as we currently know it.

3rd generation


  • The 3rd generation vehicles arrived in 1998.
  • They were initially made in the JB33 variant (for the international market), which had the 1300cc SOHC G13B Series engine.
  • This was built in "tin top" (Japanese) and a "soft top" / "hard top" cabrio (Built by Santana in Spain from 1999 to 2009).

  • JB33 edition was followed by the JB43 variant with the 1300 cc DOHC M13A series engine.
  • Within some markets (primarily continental Europe) a JB53 variant was produced with the Renault sourced K9K diesel engine.

4th generation


  • Introduced in the summer of 2018 and international sales slowly began in late 2018 / early 2019 (depending on the market).

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