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£288 to 'fix' transfer case - Technical Bulletin Q-A6G-008

14 Feb 2024 10:42 - 14 Feb 2024 10:54 #254299 by 300bhpton
Apologies, bit of a long one, but please bear with, as I'd love some opinions.

Last year, before my Service and before the 3 year warranty was up. I said to my dealer about the transfer box noise and cited the technical bulletin. They first tried to fob me off saying the bulletin was for navigation system. But sadly the car wasn't making the noise on the day. I was unwell at the time and couldn't face arguing it with them.

During the summer the vehicle has made the described noise more and more. And IMO is more evident on a longer run or when you tow. But it can do it at any time under any condition and doesn't seem possible to induce at will. It might go a week and not do, then do it 10 times in one day. Suzuki also announced their service activated warranty, which I missed by about 6 weeks. However, Suzuki said they would "consider" the issue as I'd raised while in warranty. But they'd want the vehicle inspected by a dealer.

This process all took time, so fast forward to Feb '24 and my local dealer has now closed, so I'm using my now 3rd Suzuki dealership since buying the car. Booked in for a service and took a copy of the bulletin with me. I carefully explained how and when it makes the noise and that unless they were lucky on a 10 min test drive, they would have to consider doing a longer distance or I could come back with the caravan on the back in the hope the noise would occur.

Long and short the technician agreed that the work should be done. And thus raised with Suzuki for approval. Suzuki wanted more details on what I'd towed (only towed 3 or 4 times to be honest, not a regular thing). Anyhow I gave them the details. Where the dealer somehow got confused and informed Suzuki I'd been towing an unbraked trailer (something that has not happened). Suzuki then refused the work on the grounds the vehicle had been overloaded.

I wasn't overly happy at this. The dealer said they would escalate and correct the info. But came back and told me Suzuki would not change their mind and the rejection on being overloaded still stood --- I believe the dealer lied at this point and never actually went back to them.

After a few email exchanges with Suzuki Customer Service they closed the ticket and referred me to ombudsman. So I phoned them up to try and make sense of why they were being like this. Never really got an answer on this. But I did at least get chance to speak to someone and explain what was going on. Suzuki CS seemed to imply the dealer had never tried to correct the info about towing overloaded. And agreed to speak to their technical department on the matter.

A few days passed and the dealer phone me up saying Suzuki had contacted them and agreed to supply the parts, but that I "must" pay the full the labour rate of install. Very specifically phrased this way and that it would be £430-450 or something. I said I didn't really have the money as it was quite a lot and the dealer practically hung up on me and offer no other options.

A hour later I got a call from Suzuki Customer Services and the lady I'd spoken to before. She seemed very happy and told me that based on the correct (aka new) info I'd supplied their technical team agreed that the work should be done and that Suzuki would cover the cost of the parts and that they are expecting the dealer to cover the cost of the labour! Somewhat shocked I explained what had happened with the dealer. She did say that they have no direct control over the dealers, but did seem rather amazed at the dealers attitude. I did comment and say I'd probably go 50:50 on it as I thought that would sound reasonable.

I phoned the dealer back up and told them I'd had a call from Suzuki CS and what they'd said. The chap went a little quiet but completely unapologetic. He went and spoke with someone and came back and said the only option we will offer is £288 labour to fit the parts. I said, would they not be willing to go 50:50 as a show of good will (I have a service plan with the dealer, and while it is a different dealer they are the same franchise as the one that closed, so I've been a customer for 3 1/2 years), considering it was the wrong info they supplied that had landed us in such a mess anyhow. The person at the dealership refused to even ask his manager if they would do this and essentially refused to let me speak to them either.

So I'm left with a rather bitter taste. That I can spend the thick end of £300 to have these bits fitted or I walk away?

I don't really know the long term implications of not doing the work. I plan to keep the car. I guess I could write to the dealer principle, but to be honest I'm fed up of complaining.

What would you do?

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14 Feb 2024 11:04 - 14 Feb 2024 11:23 #254300 by mlines
It sound like, due to the warranty ending, that you are in the "goodwill" area where it is all a negotiation between you and Suzuki and the dealer.

However please check your PMs as I have a further comment ( may take a while to write it)


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Corrected arms all-round, rear disks, Recaro seats and harnesses
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15 Feb 2024 07:34 #254327 by Doctorchris
I had the transfer box chain fix carried out under warranty and it was successful, not always the case it seems. However it appears to me that not having the fix will not affect the long term reliability or mechanical integrity of your Jimny. My opinion is that the noise from the transfer box is only a form of resonance and does not represent components rubbing or grating in a way that would cause wear or damage.

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15 Feb 2024 09:10 - 15 Feb 2024 09:11 #254328 by lightning
Whatever you decide, l wouldn't let that dealer do the work. I would be concerned that their attitude might impact the way they treat your vehicle particularly if they are made to contribute half the labour cost.
l imagine the job would be given to the trainee or work experience technician.
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