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Tackling the rust - part two

Tackling the rust - part two

I stripped out the rear seats and trim today to get a good look at the rust in the rear floor pan. When I bought the car I knew it had been patched up, but needed some work, but was prepared for that.

However, rust lurks in dark corners and is always worse than you think!

After grinding away with a power drill and wire brush, I cleaned away all the scabby bits to see where the real nasty bits are, and its around the edges where the floor meets the arches, and the old favorite, the recess for the jack. A lot of the welding that was done before had started to fail, mainly because the quality of the welding was poor, and has gaps where water has come in and sat. Where the welds are good and continuous, its clean and rust free.

This is before the grinding began. The dark areas are where I had put some Kurust on a few weeks ago; a bit of a pointless exercise!



After it had been ground and the flaky stuff removed, here is how it looked. I didn't bother with the rear jack try, as this is going to need to be chopped out.








To be continued...

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