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06/03/08 - Childrey Quarry

So for out March event, TV4x4 went to Childrey Quarry just to the west of Wantage.

Being a quarry it consists of a lot of "ups and downs" and rock.



This is therefore a site where the Jimny excelled, no power sapping mud or high centring of diffs on ruts. Just good old grip and climbing ability which the Jimny seems to excel in.


I dropped the tyre pressures down and didn't have any trouble with the majority of the site. 

If you are considering going to this site be aware the some of the features are hard on standard vehicles, we had some comments from Discovery owners! Also the site owners seem to encourage some wild driving so watch out for things getting out of hand! 

Still it turned out the site was harder on the car than it first appeared. On the way home a loud knock noise came from the rear and was consistent with the wheel rotation.  Andy, from TV4x4, was passing and leant a hand jacking the car up and a quick spin of the wheel showed the wheel bearing to be completely worn out. 


So its a quick call to Britannia rescue and 20 minutes later we are on a truck and being carried home :( 

So its a wheel bearing change before we go anywhere else. 


Changing a wheel bearing
27/03/08 - Split Charge
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