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Fitting 31s

30 May 2018 22:17 #193073 by saxj
Fitting 31s was created by saxj
I'm busy collecting the bits and pieces i need to fit 31's. So far I have the gears and 1 inch longer corrected front control arms.

How much lift will I need (I'd prefer not to do a body lift), and what and where do I trim.

Currently she's on 215/80s with 40mm lift in front and 70mm at the back.
Or just point me at a thread, where it has all been said before.:)

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02 Jun 2018 01:30 #193137 by zukebob
Replied by zukebob on topic Fitting 31s
31s will require arch trimming, body lift and/or bump stop extension to ensure clearance. It sounds as though you are looking at suspension lift. Suspension will provide clearance when the vehicle is still but you can still have tire/body contact when the suspension is compressed. The following is a guide to trimming:


I've never run 31s so I can't give information on how much modification is needed. This thread has a decent amount of conversation on requirements for various tire sizes:


I started out with nothing & still have most of it left

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02 Jun 2018 07:26 #193143 by Riccy
Replied by Riccy on topic Fitting 31s
Lots of work, To get mine fitting and not catching I have +3" diesel zanfi springs, +1.5" spring spacers and +2" body lift.

They were catching at the front chassis mount (under headlights) when cornering on compression. This was solved with some +3" bump stops at the front and +2" at the back. Now doesnt catch and have full steering lock.

Trim wise its changed at lot since factory so i would guess you will need to trim all the wheel arches and both bumpers to make it fit. Possibly bash at the front wheel arches a bit also. Extra wide mud guards/flaps are needed if you want to see out of the side windows :laugh:

Also of consequence is the wheel and tyres used. e.g. i have 15x8 wheels with 30mm spacers and cooper STT tyres. These wheels need the spacers or some offset otherwise they catch on the steering bars. The tyres are not the most aggressive and not remoulds, which can make a big difference to the tyre overall size.

J999 MNY, M16 VVT, R7me gbox & Rocklobster,
31x10.5r15 Cooper STT, 2x ARB Lockd' 3.9 diffs & twin compressor,
6.5" total lift, Zookbob HD steering shock, Ignis recaro's
Custom bar & arches, rocksliders & guards,
Snorkel, K&N, 13500lb Winchmax, Buzzweld, etc, etc

Plus ULYSSES (06' trayback project)

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