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This article deals with any issues with fluid leaks from the window washer system and about the possible fixes for them.

A very annoying issue can develop in Jimny 3's washing fluid distribution system for the rear window washer, and it appears to be relatively common.

The issue is that most (or all) of the fluid from the system leaks out at the rear window washer nozzle whenever the vehicle is going uphill along a significant incline, or if the vehicle is parked in an uphill position on a significant incline.

Causes of the leakage

This is the chain of causes:

  • The usual cause of the leakage is the failure of a check valve which is located in the rear door.
    • The valve fails in a way that it does not hold back the fluid from exiting the system at the rear window washer nozzle when the nozzle is not being used.
      • That is because a blocking mechanism (a ball) in the valve gets stuck in the open position.
        • It is presumed that this usually happens if the valve is being dry for most of the time.
          • When valve's internals are dry for a long time, they (seals, etc.) become brittle and internal friction increases.
            • That usually happens if the washing system (its tank) is not replenished with washing fluid regularly.
              • That usually happens if a vehicle owner is lazy, skimpy, forgetful or just untidy ("I still see just fine through slightly dirty windows").

Accessing the washing system in the rear door

Any investigation or solution of this issue requires prior removal of the rear door trim, and its later re-installation.

Trim removal

  1. First, use just your hand to unscrew the plastic cap/pin on the interior rear door locking rod.
  2. Then simply strongly (but gently) pull the trim card off from the door (while being careful about the interior rear door locking rod).
    • The trim card is held by about a dozen plastic clips.
  3. While the trim card is off, you might consider waxing the interior of the rear door or installing sound deadening materials in the rear door and in the door trim card.

Recommended additional works

While the rear door trim is removed in order to fix this issue, you might use the opportunity to perform some additional works in the exposed cabin sections along the way.

Trim installation

Reinstalling the trim card onto the rear door is actually more complicated than the removal:

  • Reason: It is quite tricky to simultaneously be able to put the rod of the interior door locking pin through the hole in the trim card and to be able to align / push the trim card into the predetermined clip holes in the rear door.
    • Some skills with long pliers (to hold the interior door locking rod in place) and preferably two people working in tandem will be required.

Solutions to fix the leakage

The first attempted solution would be to clean and re-grease the valve (preferably with a silicone grease).

If the issue returns some time after, even after a few cleaning and re-greasing operations, then there are two options:

  1. Replace the valve;
    • Original replacement valve can be bought from Suzuki - OEM P.N. 38496-61A00;
      • There are many user reports of some aftermarket replacement valves being of poor quality, so it is recommended to buy the original valve.
  2. Improvise a kind of a "syphon" tube add-on in the tubing system to overcome the effect of a system of communicating vessels;

Note Icon.pngA Jimny user from Brazil has successfully improvised a solution to an irreparable check valve.

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