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Later Jimnys 3 and all Jimnys 4 sound an audible warning tone when the key is in the ignition and a door is open.

This warning tone can become annoying when working on the vehicle, but can be silenced by disconnecting an electrical plug in the steering column.

Tools needed



  • #2 Philips screwdriver
  • Electrical insulation tape



Steering column trim removal

To remove the steering column trim:

Gen4 wiper2.jpg
  • Underneath the steering column, locate the single retaining screw (in the deeply recessed hole adjacent to the steering wheel heigh adjustment lever).
  • Remove this screw using a #2 Philips screwdriver.

Gen4 wiper3.jpg
  • Release the steering while height adjustment lever (this provides clearance to remove the lower half of the steering column trim.
  • The steering column trim lower is secured to the upper with plastic clips on each side.
  • To release, push the lower half of the trim inwards and pull downwards.
  • The photo below shows the exposed clips.
  • Having released the clips on each side, remove the lower half of the trim, carefully pulling over the ignition key barrel and steering wheel adjustment lever.

Disconnecting the wiring

Gen4 doorbuzzer.jpg
  • Disconnect the two pin plug shown above from the indicated socket by depressing the catch on the far side of the plug and pulling towards the engine bay.
  • Cover the end of the plug in electrical insulation tape to prevent any possible short circuit and tape the plug to a suitable location to prevent it from rattling.


  • Replace the steering column trim by reversing the removal steps above.
  • Enjoy life with one less nagger around you.

Separate notes for Jimny 3


According to one forum report, in Jimnys 3 which have the door open buzzing "issue", there's a connection under the steering column that has green and white wires, which needs to be disconnected. More info on this is needed. The silencing procedure is quite similar as the one described for Jimny 4.

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