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02/05/09 - Kevant's Jimny - UPDATED

Kevant has sent in a couple of pictures of his standard Jimny, he is trying to convince us that he is not allowed to modify it but I bet we see some add-ons soon and its my favourite colour as well.

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25/09/08 - Richard's Jimny

Richard has sent in a couple of pictures of his standard Jimny, he is a hardened off-roader who claims he has "retired" and will keep this one year old shiney Jimny completely standard - we will see!

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07/09/08 - Winch mounting in standard bumper

These are the pictures that many of you have been waiting for! My Jimny has a dedicated winch bumper but many owners want a more discrete and tidy installation.

Clinton has installed a winch within his bumper and it looks fantastic. Kevant has sent in copies of the pictures and I hope Clinton does not mind them being published here as this is one of the most popular questions in the Jimny world.

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31/08/09 - Colin's Jimny - UPDATED

Colin has started to modify his Jimny and has done a particularly nice job of building in a winch to the existing bumper. The next time he takes it apart he is going to send pictures of the installation details as I know this has provoked a lot of interest.

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20/10/08 - Ash's Jimny (updated)

Ash was also at the Berkshire 4x4 show (as his family organised it I guess he had to attend!) with his Jimny.

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