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14/01/09 - Rocklobster conversion - Episode 2

I am gradually working through this conversion. As it modifies a transfer box from an old SJ most of the work at present is with the realm of the SJ rather than the Jimny. The main Jimny work will come when I fit the Transfer Box.

When I had an SJ I wrote a guide to doing the work - which is HERE. I am using this guide but I have found a couple of areas that need updating so look out for a revised edition at some point which wil include the details for fitting it to a Jimny......


For reference:

These are the part numbers for items in the SJ transfer box that may need replacing during the conversion - NOTE THESE ARE SJ NOT JIMNY PARTS

Input Shaft Oil Seal - 29971-80050  or direct from the BigJimny Shop!

Input Shaft Front Bearing - 29981-80050 or 62/28 from SimplyBearings

Input Shaft Rear Bearing - 29982-80050 or 63/22 from SimplyBearings

Output Shaft Front Oil Seal - 29971-80050   or direct from the BigJimny Shop!

Output Shaft Rear Oil Seal - 29972-80050 or direct from the BigJimny Shop!(I know this points to the 7mm seal - which fits ok)

Output Shaft Front Bearing - 08173-63060 or 6308N from SimplyBearings

Output Shaft Rear Bearing - 29981-80050 or 62/28 from SimplyBearings

Output Shaft Rear Bearing Retainer - 29143-80050

Front Case Gasket - 29536-80050

Centre Case Gasket - 29525-80050

Output Shaft Shim 0.1 - 29147-80050

Output Shaft Shim 0.3 - 29148-80050

Output Shaft Shim 0.5 - 29149-80050

Inout Shaft Shim 0.1 - 29117-80050

Input Shaft Shim 0.3 - 29118-80050

Input Shaft Shim 0.5 - 29119-80050

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