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Tom's Black 2019 SZ4 | #welshjimny

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27 Feb 2019 15:01 #203887 by TomNewton
Hello all, thought it was about time I put some pix on here of my new Jimny!

Never thought I’d ever buy (finance) a new car having only every owned big diesel Mercs and a couple of MINIs but as soon as I test drove the Jimny in December with my old man I knew I had to get my hands on one without the year wait, managed to secure this one in January and collected last Friday. 300 miles later still can't quite believe I've got one! The interest in it is insane, I work for Porsche in Cardiff but as soon as I rocked up most of the sales team were out looking at it, had a few people want to know more just in the supermarket car park also!

Current mods are 215/75/15 Toyo Open Country Plus and Vault Cargo roof basket with Thule bars and foot packs. Future plans include rear window tint, SA launch style livery over the bonnet / wings, classic Suzuki grille but sprayed gloss black and maybe some seat covers from Japan. Plenty of other stuff I want to do but budget might hold things up!

I've setup @ welshjimny on instagram if anyone wants to follow the progress and see some more photos!

Overall I'm over the moon with it, few things to note for potential buyers based on my experience, the SZ4 had a plastic steering wheel where as the SZ5 has leather, which I would much prefer, so may look at a cover from Japan. The car was showing 43mpg driving home from collection which i would have been well happy with, upon fitting the tyres and rack it dropped to 36mpg, I've now bumped up the pressures a bit and its creeping back up to 39mpg which is great with the tyres and rack fitted. Anything over 65mph on the motorway it gets a bit screamy, but is very happy at 60mph with the cruise on.

2019 Jimny SZ4 | @welshjimny | www.welshjimny.com
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27 Feb 2019 15:02 - 27 Feb 2019 15:04 #203888 by TomNewton
Had to get it a little muddy the afternoon of collection!

File Attachment:

File Attachment:

2019 Jimny SZ4 | @welshjimny | www.welshjimny.com
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27 Feb 2019 15:40 #203889 by Andy2640
Awesome buddy! I love the black with black steel wheels. Excellent combo. Nice future plans too.

Congrats and thanks for sharing.

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27 Feb 2019 16:00 #203890 by Guy 2
Hi Tom - this looks really sick (in a good way!)

I just registered this afternoon - so I'm a complete "newbie" with a capital N.

I have an auto on order (left ankle full of screws so no alternative), and my preference would be black - but, of course, I could end up with any colour at all.

I plan to change the tyres - probably just to 'same size' Coopers, if only because of general consensus that they are reasonably robust and because of the longitudinal channels for clearing water. I am based in central Scotland, so whatever rain you've got left over in Wales we then get it up here. The Toyo's look as if they've got reasonable channels (unlike the otherwise excellent Grabbers and BFGs), so I would be interested in your experience in heavy rain on tarmac - when you've had the chance to experience it.

Apart from that, I am arranging to have the Jimny Dinitrol-ed at preserveprotect.co.uk , and will drive it a bit on-road and off before deciding what further to do.

I have a bit of a history of upgrading the shocks on my cars (not necessarily involving a 'lift'), - so that might be a topic for future conversations?

In the meantime, enjoy your new Jimny!


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28 Feb 2019 06:39 - 04 Mar 2019 04:49 #203923 by Max Headroom
Superb photos there, Tom!

Just go easy with those tyre pressures though - these are not like a road car with low-profiles and there are plenty of warnings in the forums about this subject.
My neighbour almost ended up in the scenery after a local garage increased her tyre pressures to 35psi or thereabouts. She said she was very lucky to get away with it and has since set the garage straight - they really should have known better.

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03 Mar 2019 22:34 #204075 by Themooingman
Looks great. Enjoy the car

2019 Gen 4 Jimny SZ5 in Silky Silver. Parking sensors and floor mats pack. Rigid tyre Cover

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04 Mar 2019 11:11 #204088 by Don76
Love these next gen Jimmy’s.

One day perhaps B)

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