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M16A oil and plugs?

12 Sep 2019 13:20 #213431 by invincible
tomorrow we will have finished the conversion from 1.3 to 1.6 and will be turning the key. would the oil volume be the same as the 1.3 engine
at 4.2L? just with slightly larger bore. and what plugs would be recommended , the suzuki swift 1.6, or jimny 1.3? as i have left in the original suzuki swift ones. i didnt think a:huh: :huh: bout this or maybe now just over thinking it.!

jimny yeey!!

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12 Sep 2019 18:11 #213439 by Riccy
Replied by Riccy on topic M16A oil and plugs?
The oil is the same (as its using the Jimny sump/oil pan). 5W30 works well and is light enough to let the engine rev freely.

The spark plugs will all be the same for either engine. Ideally iridium tips, but thats just to make them last longer.

I would advise changing or at least checking the oil/plugs/filter after a few hundred miles on the new engine, just incase theres any dirt got in there when doing the swap.

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13 Sep 2019 14:25 #213475 by invincible
Replied by invincible on topic M16A oil and plugs?
cheers riccy. nearly had it done today but one of the 1.6 injectors is blowing fuel out, swapped its position in the rail and it did it in the diff position too. grrr!! no car since tuesday or for work next week, new one from germany 3 days. darlo suzuki

jimny yeey!!

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