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Clutch cable adjustment nut, what is this?

10 Jul 2019 18:02 - 10 Jul 2019 18:04 #210850 by Scimike
Hi all,
2009 Standard GEN3.
Wanted to adjust the clutch free play tonight, put the vehicle on the ramps and went to the gearbox end cable adjustment point expecting a nut.

But found this. The top part feels like hard plastic, the lower "washer" is soft rubber and has a side bump that locates into a recess on the box, protruding partly over the side of the top part.

What am I looking at?

Is it a plastic cover over a nut?
Is this the adjuster, you just turn it by hand? ( it's very tight if it is).

I don't what to try and turn it with force if it's a cover or equally try to remove it if it's the adjuster.

Anyone done this before or seen similar?

Photo of said bit:-
It's the black round "nut" with flutes on the side.

Job on hold until I understand what I am looking at a little better.

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10 Jul 2019 18:08 #210851 by Riccy
The rubber lug that sticks into the larger black nut is to stop it unwinding.

Just poke it out of the way and turn the larger black nut for adjustment. It will be tight so grips of some kind needed to get it to start turning. Once its 'cracked' it turns fairly easily.

It looks like that one is fairly well wound out already judging by the amount of thread on show out of that black adjuster nut.

Also, btw, it might be worth adressing the minor surface rust on the sump in the bottom right of the picture. Thats what causes the pin holes to make it leak, leading to a new oil pan unfortunately... ;-)

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10 Jul 2019 18:14 #210853 by Scimike
Thanks for the quick answer Riccy.
Yep my sump had rust, what u can see is red oxide paint, can't be bothered to paint it black.

Will see if I can get it moving


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10 Jul 2019 18:51 #210858 by Scimike
Job done

That was easy, as you said once moving easy to turn by hand.

I also painted my sump black in honour of your quick answer. :laugh:
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