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1.6vvt engine swap today!!

10 Jul 2019 08:09 #210820 by invincible
hey all, today is the day the ramp is free so he tells me last night! ive read as much as i can on the swap and been given great info from questions asked so many thanks for those replies. ive a few queries before cracking on with it and some many seem daft so laugh first!

whats the best solution to the water intake for the two engines as its on the front on the jimny? am i best getting a length of hose and clips or is there a better solution?

i have the wiring and ecu that came with the 1.6 should i use that or the existing 1.3 unit?

oils and coolants are same for both engines ? i,m on 5w 40 fully syn .

i hope this goes well i have a job nr carlisle on saturday! cheers Liam.

jimny yeey!!

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10 Jul 2019 17:27 #210846 by Riccy
Replied by Riccy on topic 1.6vvt engine swap today!!
Exciting times! A bit late but hope this helps:

Swap over the water intake and thermostat housing from the 1.3 (basically swap everything for the cooling over from the 1.3. It all unbolts pretty easily and swaps over ok).

Keep all the 1.3 wiring loom and ecu (key issues afterwards otherwise).

Same oils

Basically all you want is the block and head from the 1.6. even the sump, oil pickup mushroom and rocker cover needs transferred over.

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