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Clutch problem: metal panel holding the clutch cable twisted / torn

08 Jul 2019 03:18 - 08 Jul 2019 03:20 #210757 by Raphael
Hi, my name is Raphael, i live on a small island in French Polynesia (by the way thank you bigjimny to send me some parts in the last years for a very competitive price ;-) , but my Jimny from 2000 (bought in 2014) has a problem since some days. As you can see on the photo, the floore plate metal panel behind the pedals is torn, i can still engaging the speeds by giving some turns to the adjusting nut on the clutch side, but not for too long ... some advices are welcome. Unmount the panel and find someone to weld it ? A spare one? Is it "common" for a 20 year old jimny (i guess no )?
I changed the clutch five years ago, not the cable, and don't had trouble until now ...
Thanks, Raphael
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08 Jul 2019 04:08 #210760 by Lambert
Welcome to the forum. If you can I would remove it and get it welded. I would also confirm that the clutch cable operates freely and if not replace that too. That metal doesn't look sufficiently corroded to have failed like that without some external influence like a sticky cable or something.

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08 Jul 2019 19:01 #210771 by Scimike
Back in the 1970 / 80s the clutch cable pulling through the bulkhead was quite common, well it was for me!
My Escort MK1, Hillman Avenger and VW Jetta all suffering from metal fatigue and cracks around the cable mount, you could even get repair panels just for this area at the time.
Not saying it's a common fault on the Jimny as the mount looks substantial, but it does not take much repeated flexing of the metal for it to crack.

Just a trip down memory lane for an old chap.

What Lambert say is the answer, get it welded and reinforced, check the clutch cable and clutch arm aren't stiff / stuck.

Happy days :laugh:

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10 Jul 2019 02:59 - 10 Jul 2019 03:08 #210812 by Raphael
It's good, work done, welded by a mechanic who did the same work on another Jimmy a few months ago. I also found this topic on bigJimny, same problem so it's not that rare. html link
Disassembling the pedals is quite easy. As you can see, the wire has slowly cut the end of the sheath due to the misalignment, I am waiting for a new cable but this one will do the job for a few weeks

thank for your help !
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12 Jul 2019 22:17 - 12 Jul 2019 22:19 #210975 by yakuza
Good Fix.

Mate of mine did this to his 1999..
Says the car even shifts much better and the thing with the gearbox not letting it in first so easily, is way better now.

guessing a sticky clutch cable starts these cracks as the wise men above says.

You can lie down on the floor of your car looking up into the pedal brackets by the steering column and press the clutch down and see how much the bracket twists. ( good luck with that it helps to be kind of slim and agile to manage to see it :) )

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17 Jul 2019 17:57 #211205 by kirkynut
Crickey, I've not seen that before. Replacing the cable when it gets stiff must be key to preventing this!

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